The farmer who secretly paid for his neighbors’ medicines for years

A wasp stung Eli Schlageter, a 15-year-old girl. Her mouth and throat swelled up, and the doctor who attended her told her family that they needed to buy an EpiPen, an epinephrine auto-injector to stop a severe allergic reaction. But the cost was beyond his possibilities, and, despite the fact that the pharmaceutical found a … Read more

“Russians secretly come out at night”… Ukrainian call center female employee ‘shock testimony’

Ask for surrender on the ‘I want to live’ hotlineAfter opening in September, more than 6,500 Russians ‘request for help’How to surrender Main inquiry enlarge photo The number of Russian troops calling the Surrender Service, which Ukraine opened in September, to ask about “how to surrender” is rapidly increasing. [사진출처 = BBC] The British Daily … Read more

Freed from shackles: the famous writer who equated the priesthood to prison secretly married and sent Stalin to the dog days

“We, the people of two wars, may remain physically healthy, but we already have a considerable amount of spiritual disability,” – in these words in 1943. he consoled himself in a letter to Vincas Kreva Vincas Mykolaitis-Putin. Throughout his life, the writer felt distracted not only by external causes, such as two world wars, five … Read more

What the ‘party’ says secretly, Franjieh disclosed publicly

Nicolas Nassif wrote in Al-Akhbar: The dominoes of the Lebanese state collapsed, successively, on dates as if they were prepared in advance, not the end of the world. There is hardly a stone left. It wasn’t quite about to collapse, but it got close to it, from above and below. What finally happened to the … Read more

Mohammed bin Salman Secretly Approves Abraham Accords

loading… Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has revealed that Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman secretly agreed to the Abraham Accords. Photos/Illustrations WASHINGTON – The Abraham Accords, a bridged agreement to normalize relations between Arab countries and Israel United States of America (USA), could never have materialized without the tacit approval of … Read more

Interesting Facts about Sheikha Mahra, a Dubai aristocrat who is secretly in love with Cristiano Ronaldo

Saturday, January 28 2023 – 01:00 WIB VIVA Showbiz – Recently a name of noble origin Dubai Sheikha Mahra succeeded in capturing the attention of the public, as well as fans Cristiano Ronaldo. Apparently, this could not be separated from the issues circulating regarding him allegedly having an interest in footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. Starting from … Read more

Revealed! Chinese Companies Secretly Send Aid to Russia

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Chinese companies allegedly provided “non-lethal” assistance to Russia for use in the Ukraine war. This increased the concerns of United States (US) officials, a source familiar with the matter disclosed to ReutersTuesday (24/1/2023). “What we’re seeing is non-lethal military aid and economic support that stops massive sanctions evasion,” said the source, … Read more

Microsoft secretly returned to Windows 11 the old file system – the “killer” NTFS, which everyone had long forgotten about

<!– Евгений Черкесов –> 23 January 2023 14:2423 Jan 2023 14:24 | Share Microsoft has introduced support for its new ReFS file system in Windows 11, designed to destroy the popular NTFS, which was created by the same Microsoft together with IBM. ReFS is in many ways better than its predecessor, but it has not … Read more

How long have you been aware that a vaccine does not prevent transmission? Why did you keep that a secret? • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A number of journalists chased the head of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, after he left the annual conference of the World Economic Forum in Davos. A journalist asked Bourla, saying: “How long have you learned that the vaccine does not prevent the transmission of infection? And since when did you know and did not … Read more