Sonora prospectors stop activity after the murder of Aranza Ramos

The arrest and subsequent release of the drug trafficker Ovidio Guzman in Sinaloa would represent a before and after in the neighboring state of Sonora, which, although it was reflected in numbers, according to the National Registry of Missing and Unavailable Persons of the Ministry of the Interior, suffered in the people searches carried out … Read more

Refugees live in this new type of asylum seekers’ center with starters and students

COA’s housing plans are not new in the Netherlands, similar initiatives were already launched in 2015. In Katwijk asylum seekers were housed together with the elderly in a care home. In Leiden asylum seekers, first-time buyers on the housing market and people from social shelters moved in together at one location. And in Amsterdam containers … Read more

Journalist Ingeborg Beugel arrested in Greece for reception of asylum seekers

Dutch journalist Ingeborg Beugel was arrested in Greece and has been detained for a day and a half, writes The Green Amsterdammer, for which she is a correspondent. She was arrested earlier this month for hosting a 23-year-old Afghan refugee. The two were arrested on June 13 on the island of Hydra, where Beugel partly … Read more

Residents from Deelen furious about possible arrival asylum seekers’ center: ‘An unfortunate idea, we foresee major problems’ | Ede

Residents are furious. But what can they do with so few people? “It feels like we are not being taken seriously”, says Evyta Hoogkamp. Together with her husband Anne, she has a cherry stall, directly opposite the entrance to the Kop van Deelen. “Now we are still being talked to and we will see if … Read more

Fire letter about gay violence in asylum seekers’ centers: woman doused in boiling water | Inland

Extremely much, says the foundation, which will send an urgent letter about it to State Secretary Ankie Broekers-Knol (Justice and Security) on Friday. Boiling water Two people from Nigeria were recently arrested in an asylum seekers’ center in Gilze for the serious abuse of two women who are in a relationship. One of the women … Read more

Twelve residents of asylum seekers’ center Delfzijl infected with corona | Inland

DELFZIJL – In an asylum seekers’ center in Delfzijl in Groningen, twelve residents have been tested positive for the corona virus since the end of last week. All infected have been placed in isolation and their housemates are in quarantine, the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) said. Five asylum seekers belonging … Read more

In Germany, the number of asylum seekers continues to grow; it has exceeded 1.8 million

That’s three percent or 57,000 more people than a year earlier. The increase in the number of asylum seekers last year was the smallest since 2012. At the end of 2019, no decision had yet been made on 266,000 foreigners who had applied for asylum, but 1.36 million foreigners had been granted a residence permit … Read more

‘Half of nuisance asylum seekers leave special reception in Hoogeveen’

Since the opening of the Enforcement and Supervision Location (HTL) in Hoogeveen, a special shelter for asylum seekers who cause nuisance, half of the residents have left early, reports The Telegraph. Since its opening in February, some 110 asylum seekers have been placed in this stricter reception center. They are people who have caused structural … Read more

Concerns about many drownings among asylum seekers

The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) and refugee organizations are concerned about the relatively high numbers of drownings among asylum seekers in recreational water, reports The Telegraph. The newspaper says that three residents of an AZC did not survive a swim in the past month. Attempts have been made to reduce … Read more