Rover Perseverance sees its own landing gear destroyed on Mars

During the 26th flight of the Ingenuity helicopter to Mars in April this year, he captured images of the parachute and fairing belonging to the entry, descent and landing (EDL) equipment which helped him land on the Martian surface, with the rover. of Perseverance, in February 2021. The rover itself also photographed the wreckage of … Read more

Successful young tennis players came to the headquarters of the sewage treatment plant, Kejval sees in them hope for the Olympics

The players who dominated the under-14 world championship in Prostějov and the under-16 EC in Mariánské Lázně could, among other things, view a photo of Barbora Krejčíková and Kateřina Siniaková, the golden doubles pair from last year’s Olympic Games in Tokyo. “At the last Olympics, tennis helped us a lot, because we got two Olympic … Read more

Tachyum sees the delay of its Prodigy chip as sabotage, sues the supplier of the processor part

For years, the Slovak-American company has been promising a universal chip that will surpass all competitors. However, it is still not on the market. We have added the article from August 6 in the indicated place. Tachyum is suing Cadence for allegedly constantly pushing back the delivery of the chip’s functional blocks. It was not … Read more

Olivia Trappeniers competes for Zomerhit: “No one sees that I have worries at home on stage” | POPULAR IN HLN+ SHOWBIZZ

MusicRegi’s wings were the springboard, ‘Come a little closer’ a first breakthrough. And two years later, Olivia Trappeniers (24) is ready to enter the Zomerhit independently with ‘Electricity’. An angelic voice wrapped in cheerful pop songs, but grew up from childhood with the worries about her sick mother. “I have sought refuge in music.” Jolien … Read more

Ukraine, Palle Ydstebø | The expert sees a turning point in the Ukraine war: – About to change in Ukraine’s favour

The war in Ukraine is approaching half a year, and reports are coming from both sides about attrition and significant losses of personnel and material. In recent months, the toughest fighting has taken place in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, and several reports concluded that Russia was advancing initially. In recent weeks, however, some … Read more

VDD sees security risks in connection with the entry of Russian media into Latvia

Latvijas Radio reported this week that more than 200 Russian journalists and 23 media organizations have arrived in Latvia since Russia started the war against Ukraine. According to the information of Latvijas Radio, some of these organizations have officially started their work in Riga in order to be able to inform the citizens of Russia … Read more

How the Lonely Planet sees traveling through Switzerland

Martin Mischkulnig / The backpacker’s bible shows tourists the way through a Switzerland full of “epic” mountains, cobalt blue lakes, fondues and cow trekking. But she also notes that what was once a special case is becoming more and more normal. Actually, after reading it, there is only one conclusion: if you travel now, … Read more

The “Lebanese Forces” commenting on the Rmeish incident: It seems that “Hezbollah” sees the “forces” in its dreams and distorts the facts

The media department of the “Lebanese Forces” party announced, in a statement, that “following the unfortunate incident that occurred yesterday between some residents of the southern town of Rmeish and elements of (Hezbollah), some electronic accounts affiliated with (Hezbollah) launched a systematic and brutal campaign against The Lebanese Forces and its head, Samir Geagea, accused … Read more