100 kilos of cocaine seized!

The spectacle could not escape the many motorists who took the Nationale 4 linking Arlon to Steinfort in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg this Saturday morning. A deserted building is surrounded by Federal police. The intervention corps equipped with impressive submachine guns prevented them from entering the site. “We are prohibited from making the slightest … Read more

Dismantling of international cocaine trafficking: 115 kg seized in a warehouse in Arlon

At the same time, searches were carried out in the Netherlands, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Serbia. They also resulted in several arrests. About a hundred members of the various police services intervened on the various sites targeted. The investigators of the Federal Judicial Police of Luxembourg will now be able to carry out … Read more

Judge orders smartphones to be seized because Apple fails to meet charger requirement

The Brazilian regulatory body seized hundreds of iPhones in different stores in Brasilia, reports Technoblog. According to his information, the seizure of the devices took place on November 11 and was due to an apparent violation of the measure that prohibits the sale of iPhones without a charger in Brazil. The suspension of sale, confirm … Read more

Assets of FTX officer seized in MASAK investigation

As part of the investigation opened by MASAK, the assets of Sam Bankman-Fried in charge of FTX were seized. operating around the world The bankruptcy of the crypto exchange FTX had a shock effect on the crypto market. Claims made about the company are being examined by financial institutions. Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK) He … Read more

The amount of cocaine seized at the port of Antwerp is too large to be destroyed: its storage poses security concerns

90 tonnes of cocaine seized in the port of Antwerp in 2021. A historic record which, in all likelihood, will be broken again this year. Customs estimates that the 100 tonne mark could be reached in 2022. However, this quantity poses a major security problem, De Standaard and Gazet van Antwerpen report on Saturday. Approved … Read more

5,000 Detonators Seized in Situbondo, Sender Arrested

Jakarta – Thousands of explosive triggers or detonator to be sent from Situbondo, East Java. The police managed to thwart the shipment of the dangerous goods. Reported detikJatim, Thursday (11/10/2022), the delivery of the bomb detonator was thwarted in the waters of Situbondo. The sender was also arrested by the police. “It’s true, it was … Read more

Source: Russia exchanged 140 million euros for Iranian drones and seized Western weapons

Russia sent 140 million euros in cash to Iran as well as seized weapons from the United Kingdom and the United States in exchange for dozens of drones for the war in Ukraine, a source in the security industry claimed to the British media “Sky News”. Content will continue after the ad Advertising A Russian … Read more

Domains of popular illegal e-book website Z-Library have been seized – Tablets and phones – News

The US authorities have taken the domains z-lib.org, b-ok.lat and b-ok.cc offline. These are domains that all point to Z-Library, a popular site for downloading e-books, scientific articles and other digital text material. Perhaps even more mirrors have been taken offline. On the landing pages of some of the domains is a publication of a … Read more

World Cup .. 144 fake cups seized by Qatar!

The local authorities in Qatar, in cooperation with the Department for Combating Economic and Electronic Crimes, announced the seizure of 144 counterfeit cups similar to the World Championships. According to the FIFA, counterfeiting the cup is a violation of Law No. 10 of 2021 Qatari press reports said today, Wednesday, that local authorities, in cooperation … Read more