The storage service can also be ordered at the LP EXPRESS self-service

From now on, the LP EXPRESS service – storage of items – can be ordered not only at the ATM, but also at the LP EXPRESS self-service. The biggest advantage of the security service is the fast and convenient transfer of items to the recipient. Only the sender and the recipient are involved in the … Read more

Expensive petrol in Lombardy: in Bergamo the lowest prices, both served and self-service

The most expensive province is that of Como. The data was monitored from 1 to 20 January 2022 The Italians, already hit by the rise in the cost of energy in their bills, must also deal with the rise in the prices of petrol and diesel, which are now at record levels. But the increases … Read more

Xue Zhiqian’s concert fans self-service chorus attracts surprises, high-profile singing golden songs are full of youthful

Source title: Xue Zhiqian concert fans self-service chorus attracts surprises, high-profile singing golden songs full of youthful memories A few days ago, Xue Zhiqian’s “Heavenly Foreign Objects” concert at Guangzhou Station ended successfully. As the interstellar executive officer of this concert, Xue Zhiqian continued to create surprises, showing his intentions in all aspects of stage … Read more

Tim Cook reflects on the reasons behind the new iPhone and Mac self-service repair program

On the occasion of the opening of a new Apple Store in Los Angeles, Tim Cook answered questions from a local journalist, especially on the whole new repair program which will be open to all from the beginning of next year in the United States, and rapidly in other countries, including France. According to Tim … Read more

Apple’s self-service repair policy was imposed by a green investor resolution that added to regulatory pressure Timing is not a coincidence

Apple has announced that the company will soon make parts and repair manuals available to the general public, representing an evolutionary standard after years of restrictive repair policies. The new policy represents a radical change for a company that has fought for years against independent repair by restricting access to parts, manuals and diagnostic tools, … Read more

Apple introduces new self-service repair

In a press release, Apple announced their new self-service repair. The whole program is aimed at the customers’ willingness to repair. Illustration from the press release So far there have been few possibilities to have Apple products repaired with original parts, only directly from Apple in the store or from an Apple service provider. Those … Read more

There are four self-service baggage transfer lines at the airport :: Dienas Bizness

Riga Airport has invested 230,000 euros in four self-service baggage transfer lines, the airport informs. The Latvian national airline airBaltic has started offering its passengers the opportunity to use the new airport service, but in the future other airlines operating at Riga Airport could also offer this service to their customers. Representatives of Riga Airport … Read more

Packages anytime and without waiting! The post office will open self-service boxes before Christmas

The issue of consignments sent by the Czech Post will soon be significantly simplified. The post office has signed a contract with a company that will supply self-service dispensing boxes for it. These will be at the post office branches and also at selected stations. The first should appear before Christmas, then all 264 boxes … Read more