Kongsberg Automotive sells subsidiary for one billion kroner – E24

The car parts company sells shares in the Canadian subsidiary KA Shawinigan. Published: Updated yesterday 08:57 The matter is being updated… Kongsberg Automotive is selling parts of the Canadian subsidiary for 136 million Canadian dollars, the company reports in a stock exchange announcement Tuesday morning. This corresponds to 104 million euros, or just over one … Read more

Husband Sells Wife to Friends and Peeped During Sex, Police: Perpetrator Has Sexual Deviance

Banyumas, Central Java – It is heartbreaking what Teguh or T (43) residents of Karanglewas District, Banyumas, Central Java did. Teguh, who is a husband, deliberately sells his wife to a number of men, to have a husband and wife relationship. Worse, when the wife served the masher men, Teguh actually peeked at the scene. … Read more

Electric Cars: Which brand sells the most in Portugal?

As we have been following, the electric car market in Portugal has been growing. According to recent data, 4 out of 10 cars sold are electric. UVE recently released information for July 2022. After all, which brand sells the most in Portugal? Disturbances in the global automotive market, shortages of components, especially microprocessors, and problems … Read more

Hype over: Post still sells NFTs

The cryptocurrencies have crashed and with that the hype about the NFTs is over because they are bought with digital currencies. Nevertheless, on July 22, the Post started selling a total of 2,500 CSA Mystery Boxes – a kind of digital sticker pack. There are four Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) each, whose color values ​​are distributed … Read more

there is the coup de grace. Here are the reasons for so many sells

New session in decline for oil which even today remains in the grip of the bears. Oil still down after yesterday’s plunge The black gold, after closing yesterday’s session with a lunge of almost four percentage points, today tried to timidly climb the slope, without however showing any conviction. The WTI, in fact, has eliminated … Read more

Saudi victory sells Morey contract to Mexican Cruz

Riyadh: Issa Al-Hakami Al-Nasr Saudi Arabia announced Thursday the sale of the remaining period of the contract of its Argentine defender Funes Morey (31 years) to Mexican Cruz Azul. And the rest of Mori’s contract for a whole season with the Saudi club, which he had bought from Spanish club Villarreal last season, for two … Read more

Organic no longer sells: here’s why some producers are thinking of going back to conventional

Times are tough for organic producers: the supply is, at the moment, greater than the demand for these fruits and vegetables. The situation is such that some organic growers have to get rid of part of their production, while others are wondering if they will have to return to conventional agriculture, which is more profitable. … Read more

Nintendo sells significantly fewer Switch consoles, but profits rise sharply – Gaming – News

Nintendo sold roughly 1.32 million regular Nintendo Switch consoles in the first quarter of fiscal 2023. That is again more than 25 percent less than last quarter. The number of Switch OLED versions sold also fell by 16 percent. Nintendo hardware sales Q1 FY23 Global chip shortage would have hampered Switch handheld production, reports Nintendo … Read more

Big Titus! They assure that the Argentine electric car sells more than other brands

Tito, the battery-powered electric car invented in Argentina, surprised the domestic automotive market by generating more sales than other international brands with a long history. Coradir, the company that manufactures it, assured that there is an encouraging outlook and the news, of course, fell very well in the province of San Luis, where the industrial … Read more

Air fryer: Carrefour sells it at a terrific price, never seen such a low price

The household appliance that is depopulating in the homes of Italians, the air fryerwill be sold by Carrefour with one discount of 25 euros. – Advertisement – Carrefour for those unfamiliar with it, is one catena which boasts many points of sale throughout Italy. Certified products of excellent quality, including this appliance which we will … Read more