Time comes to its senses: Christians and Shiites won and Mikati lost

A very few days were enough to sort the country along sectarian lines, against the background of a random decision taken by the heads of the legislative and executive authorities in front of the cameras of the photographers. The decision did not hold up much, so that work in daylight savings time returned to its … Read more

Gintaras Einikis’s wife Jurgita – about meeting her husband and the violence she experienced: “I said that maybe in a year you will come to your senses”

The only winner of three Olympic medals won by Independent Lithuania – such a unique record stands out in the biography of basketball player Gintaras Einikis (53 years old). However, he stands out – not only for that… If the tall man had a divine “hook” in the penalty area and picked up not only … Read more

Lim Chang-jung “I couldn’t come to my senses and announced my retirement… I regretted it the very next day”

Money Today Reporter Lee Eun | 2023.02.27 07:07 Singer Lim Chang-jung./Photo=KBS2 ‘The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive’ broadcast screen Singer and actor Lim Chang-jung advised Jay Park that he should make a decision to retire carefully. Lim Chang-jung appeared in the KBS2 music program ‘The Seasons – Jay Park’s Drive’, which aired on the 26th. … Read more

If you want mechanical watches to last long, you must know these 4 common senses | Watch | Mechanical Watch | Longevity_Sina Fashion_Sina

Original title: If you want a mechanical watch to have a long life, you must know these 4 common senses! Author: Wanbiao Watch Exchange If your mechanical watch always has such and other small problems, and you have to “retire” after using it for three to five years, then you must read this article!   water … Read more

Hardly anyone wants to do business with the Taliban, but China senses an opportunity

News hour Zainab Hammoud news reporter Coen Nij Bijvank news editor Zainab Hammoud news reporter Coen Nij Bijvank news editor For less than 2.50 euros a day, Sayed Hassan works in the coal mines of the Afghan province of Bamyan. “It’s very tough. We go in 100 to 150 yards. It’s very tight and you … Read more

Oleg Romantsev: “I want FIFA and UEFA to come to their senses and return Russia to tournaments. We remembered what stars our football gave to the world” – Football

Oleg Romantsev wished that the Russian team was returned to international tournaments. – They say how you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it. What did you especially remember about the meeting of the new year 1989, in which you had to lead Spartak and complete it with a golden victory? – You … Read more

Well-being, hedonism and spirituality at the inimitable parties of Six Senses Ibiza

Six Senses Ibiza, the only 5* resort in the Pitiusas that remains open all year round, has prepared a totally unique offer for the Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties, betting on the different facets that mark the island’s idiosyncrasy: its fun hedonistic spirit, enriching proposals for well-being and connection with nature and immersion in … Read more

FC Barcelona: Tielemans gets angry: Bara senses an agreement with another club

Emeet one replacement for Busquets It is one of the objectives of the Sports Management which for the next summer market. Except for a major surprise, the Barça captain will leave the club in June when his contract ends and it is a priority to sign a good player who will perform the functions of … Read more

NHL | Kuznetsov as deprived of his senses. The Russian striker brutally slashed his opponent in the face

The incident occurred less than four minutes into the second period, when the Chelyabinsk native tried to beat Canucks goaltender Thatcher Demko. At the end, he made contact with Kyle Burroughs and ended up on the ice. When he rose from it, he took his stick in both hands and without any apparent effort to … Read more

Teresa Contemporary Dance integrates in the work “Phi” senses and movements

CARACAS – A great show full of movements and lights that highlight the beauty of the dances, and that confuses the projection with reality, returns again this year to the Teresa Carreño Theater to repeat the acclaimed show, where the work “PHI” by maestro Félix Oropeza comes to life and reinforces the beautiful work done … Read more