Confirmed: the sequel to a great adventure and puzzle game has a release date

Through a spectacular trailer, it was confirmed when the second part of a title that was a success will be released. A great game that was all the rage for its captivating story and gameplay will have a sequel. In an event of Focus Home Interactivethe developer company of the title, the release date of … Read more

The authors of Alien Isolation announce a new shooter, but bad news if you expect a sequel

Creative Assembly bets on the most fast-paced multiplayer action with Hyenas: first trailer and details. This morning SEGA He was calling us late in the afternoon to find out about his next big game, and here it is: no se trata de Ecco the Dolphinbut of the already known for months science fiction multiplayer shooter … Read more

Jurassic World 3: The cast returns to the end of the film. A sequel to the program?

News culture Jurassic World 3: The cast returns to the end of the film. A sequel to the program? Published on 06/19/2022 at 11:35 Now that Jurassic World: The World After has been out for several days, we return with the film team to the end of the work by Colin Trevorrow. What is the … Read more

a sequel with Jon Snow in development (media)

A sequel to the hit series “Game of Thrones” centered on Jon Snow, the favorite character of a large part of the fans, is in development by the HBO platform, according to specialized Hollywood media on Friday. British actor Kit Harington, who played this indestructible character when he was exiled from Westeros at the end … Read more

Portaltic.-The sequel to Final Fantasy VII Remake will be called Rebirth and will arrive next winter

MADRID, 17 Jun. (Portaltic/EP) – The second chapter of the ‘remake’ of Final Fantasy VII will be titled Rebirth and it will be available next winter for the Sony PlayStation 5 video game console, as confirmed by Square Enix as part of the video game’s 25th anniversary celebration. Final Fantasy VII Remake debuted in 2020 … Read more

This is how the spiritual sequel to Warcraft III and Starcraft II will be

After Thursday’s unveiling of Stormgate, developer Frost Giant followed up with more information and a new trailer Sunday night. Studio manager Tim Morten – who is developing the new real-time strategy game together with several veterans from Blizzard – appeared on the PC Gaming Show to tell a little more about what we can expect … Read more

Ark: Survival Evolved is free for a limited time on Steam! The sequel “ARK 2” is scheduled to debut in 2023 | 4Gamers

The dinosaur sandbox craft survival masterpiece “ARK: Survival Evolved” (ARK: Survival Evolved) will bring new news of the sequel “ARK 2” in the Microsoft live program today (13th) Summer Game Fest 2022 (Summer Game Fest 2022). At the same time, “Ark: Survival Evolved” on the Steam platform also launched a limited-time free event. “ARK 2” … Read more

100% Rotten Freshness ‘Castlevania’, sequel Nocturne released

‘Castlevania’ received exceptionally high ratings as a media based on the original game for its attractive character descriptions that breathe life into the original characters and adult-oriented action tailored to the flow of the play. Castlevania’s spin-off title ‘Castlevania: Nocturne’, which ended with season 4, has been released. Netflix released a teaser video for the … Read more

Joker 2, how will the sequel be? An image already reveals Joaquin Phoenix’s “enemy” [FOTO]

Since its arrival in the halls of Jokerstand-alone film about the famous Batman villain signed by Todd Phillipsthere was talk of a possible sequel – especially considering the last final scenes shown to the public and the enthusiasm with which this reacted. In the end the same director of the cinecomic announced on social media … Read more