New Toyota Sequoia: will it be the basis for the next SW4?

One of the presentations that attracted the most attention recently was the new generation Toyota Tundra, the mythical full-size pick-up of the Japanese brand. For now, there is no news of it for our market, but on several occasions it was said that would inspire the next Hilux produced in Zárate and Tacoma. As discussed … Read more

Toyota Sequoia 2023

The Japanese company is preparing for the premiere of a new generation of its largest SUV. Using the available information, the online magazine presented what the novelty would look like. Sequoia is a full-size SUV, the first generation of which appeared in 2000. The second generation was introduced in 2007 and is produced to … Read more

A new car from “Toyota”… Meet the four-wheel drive “Sequoia” (video)

Toyota launched its new “Sequoia” car, with a large body measuring approximately 5 meters and 20 centimeters in length, designed to give it a strong appearance, and it was equipped with large wheels. The cabin of this car is also equipped with three rows of seats that can accommodate seven passengers, and the two rear … Read more

CCP issues 13 fines to Internet giants such as Tencent and Ali | Alibaba | Bilibili | Sequoia Yuchen

[Epoch Times News on January 6, 2022]On January 5, the General Administration of Market Supervision of the Communist Party of China issued a “Antitrust“For the reason, yesTencent, Ali and other Chinese Internet giants issued 13 tickets in a row. Subsequently, the A-share market saw a collective sell-off, and many big bull stocks stopped falling. The … Read more

USA. California forests are burning. The fire consumes hundreds of giant sequoia

Read more similar information on the home page Although it might seem like a season fires is over, California still has serious problems. The fire has spread to Redwood Canyon, where it has been spreading for several days. Currently 34 thousand. hectares of forests. Over 2,000 people fight the fire. people, but it was … Read more

USA. The biggest tree in the world is in danger. Firemen wrapped a 2,700-year-old sequoia in a fire blanket

Firefighters They wrap fireproof blankets on old redwoods that are found in California’s Sequoia National Park. There are about 2,000 specimens of these trees in the forest, including the tree with the greatest width of the trunk – General Sherman, which is 83 m high and has a diameter of over nine meters at the … Read more