Abhi Navya and Deepak Kumar get married | Abhi Navaya | Deepak Kumar | Serial Actors | Engagement

Tamil serial stars Abhi Navya and Deepak Kumar are engaged. The two have been in love for a year. They shared the video of the engagement on social media. ” An unforgettable moment in life. I swear I will love and support you until my last breath. I love you ” – shared the video. … Read more

Prachar’s Love Sara Sandeva: A Thorn in Hanychová’s Eye ?!

Actress Sara Sandeva se s Jakub Prachař she first met four years ago when they were filming a fairy tale together Zdenka Trosky (68) Devils. Although they haven’t appeared on stage so many times, the actress likes to remember their first shoot. “It was great. Cuba is a very normal person, smart, funny … He … Read more

Conflict over wages and working conditions in the emergency room of Marche-en-Famenne: serial resignation of doctors

There is great concern about the future of the emergency department of the Princess Paola hospital in Marche-en-Famenne. To such an extent that the service would even be threatened with closure next spring if a solution is not found. The emergency physicians have for the most part resigned in recent days (they must, however, give … Read more

Abimael Guzman, a spirited serial killer who came out of time

JAIME RAZURI via AFP via Getty Images The biggest fault of Abimael Guzman, the Peruvian founder of Sendero Luminoso died in prison at 86, is to have arrived after the deadline. Twenty years behind for Fidel Castro and Che Guevara, and ten for the other South American revolutionary groups that sparked the imagination of so … Read more

” What happened so quickly ” … | Actor Ramesh Valiyassala found hanging film serial industry in shock

Thiruvananthapuram: ” The return journey was in a car together after the shooting from Kochi three days ago. Our journey was interesting with the news. Actor Kollam Thulasi could not believe the separation of his colleague and friend Ramesh Valiyasala. Kollam Thulasi, a neighbor, was the first to reach Ramesh’s house after learning of his … Read more

Actress Maja Velšicová mourns: My son BORIS has died!

“Today, my brother Boris left us forever after a tragic accident. After thirty years, we finally had a common future ahead of us. You will remain my greatest inspiration in life. Thank you for everything. RIP With love, Mario,” sounds a heartbreaking message to his beloved brother. They responded to the words of the grieving … Read more

AOMEI MBackupper’s iOS management tool, free serial number for a limited time-Computer King Ada

The information on the mobile phone is getting more and more complex, but the information is priceless. A complete set of mobile phone management and backup tools is indispensable. However, the matched iTunes always feels tied to the hands and feet. It has always been incompatible with the author. , After all, in one sentence … Read more

Erika Stárková (37): Tough competition for Sandeva from Prachar!

„I play policewoman, until the arrival of a colleague Sary Sandevy I’m the only woman in the department, “ revealed Erika. He does not wear a uniform and carry a weapon, but nothing can do without it. YOUR FACE: Erika Stárková is done for fear! “My Soňa is such a secretary or rather an assistant. … Read more

Cupra UrbanRebel is a concept of a racing electric car, which will see a serial version

As an independent sports division of Satt, Spain, Cupra has come up with several distinctive models and concepts since its official inception. Next in line is a study of a small racing electric car called UrbanRebel, which stands on the shared MEB platform from the VW Group. The extravagant concept is characterized by a giant … Read more

Police discovered that a Brazilian serial killer was the perpetrator of three brutal femicides two decades ago in Miami

Roberto Wagner Fernandes a brazilian serial killer, who died in 2005 in a plane crash, killed three women in Florida 20 years agothe police announced Tuesday. Roberto Wagner Fernandes, who lived in Miami in the 1990s and early 2000s, could have committed other murdersthe Broward County Sheriff’s Office said. “I think there are other cases … Read more