Serie A, the market for benches from Gattuso to De Zerbi

The championship is not over yet, but the bench market is already on the move. Here is the situation in Serie A The coaches’ waltz, perhaps it would be better to call it tango, has a baptismal date: January 24th. After the defeat in Verona, a De Laurentiis son of instinct took the phone and … Read more

The Italy outbreak is widening: the number of people infected, Serie A anxiety is increasing

The outbreak exploded in the national team of Roberto Mancini during qualification commitments al Global 2022 versus Northern Ireland, Bulgaria and Lithuania. Transfers monitored and which, despite the protocols, did not avoid contracting the Covid to nine players and staff members, according to the press release released by the Federation on March 30th. Positive players … Read more

Mantra Fantasy Football, the 5 certainties of the 29th day of Serie A

Ours are back tips for Mantra Fantasy Football with the 5 certainties of the 29th day of Serie A. Without too much delay, let’s go and comb through the names of those 5 immovable footballers, to the Mantra, in this turn. Mantra Fantasy Football: 5 certainties for the 29th day Space therefore again to the … Read more

The Last of Us series on HBO will begin filming this summer and will end in 2022

The adaptation of The Last of Us and series begin filming in Calgary, Canada, on July 5, and the plan is to close production on June 8, 2022. This is the first series produced by PlayStation Productions, a studio formed by Sony to bring its video game licenses to film and television; in this case … Read more

Dossier commissions to agents – 1 Serie A: from Juve to Milan, Covid strikes but in an unequal way | First page

Contraction of about a quarter. The aggregate data on the remuneration of agents for intermediaries, just published on the FIGC website and relating to the period 1 January-31 December 2020, say that the effect of the pandemic has been felt. From the 187,851,487.86 euros paid by the companies to the agents in the year 2019 … Read more

Stranger Things: why Bob Newby died so early in the Netflix series | FAME

Portrayed by Sean Astin, Bob Newby appeared on the second season of “Stranger ThingsAs Joyce’s love interest and a strong candidate for a multi-installment arc in the series Netflix, due to which he gained the affection of the public quickly, but instead, he was assassinated shortly after to the surprise of the whole world. MORE … Read more

The first trailer for John Cena in Suicide Squad 2

We have been talking to you for more than a year of the filming of the Suicide Squad 2 film with the arrival of John Cena as a new character. Indeed, he will play the role of the new superhero Peacemaker. The film is currently scheduled for release on August 6, 2021 in theaters and … Read more

The Simpsons: Matt Groening revealed one of the series’ great secrets | Chronicle

Chapter 700 of The Simpson aired this Sunday night in the United States. In “Manger Things” it was revealed that on the property where the protagonists live there is a secret place that always belonged to Homer Simpson, father of the yellow family. It was the creator of the animated story himself, Matt Groening. who … Read more