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“El Cartel de los Sapos: El origen”, a Colombian series by Netflix and Caracol TV, is set in two timelines, which start from the 50s to the 80s and revolves around the Villegas brothers, heads of the feared Cali Cartel. MORE INFORMATION: Everything you need to know about the Cali Cartel The fiction shot entirely … Read more

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“I am Betty the Ugly one” is a television classic that has conquered the hearts of the entire world. The Colombian soap opera created by Fernando Gaitán became an international phenomenon as it was broadcast in more than 180 countries, dubbed into 25 languages ​​and adapted more than 20 times. It was even awarded the … Read more

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“Dark desire” continues giving what to speak for the scenes loaded with eroticism, as well as the police atmosphere that surrounds the plot. Although it was widely accepted after it was released, many people did not completely like the work done by Maria Fernanda Yepes, who plays Brenda. Although the Colombian actress is widely recognized … Read more