Football rumors: Barcelona are set to buy two Chelsea players next week, with Juventus demanding £ 100m for defender. Mane’s salary disclosed in Munich

With the opening of the summer “transition window”, there is no shortage of rumors in the football world about where one or another player’s or coach’s career might turn. Florian Plattenberg reports that Roberto Lewandowskio the sale to Barcelona now looks more real than it did a few weeks ago. Barcelona has already increased its … Read more

Udder health and genetics: how high do you set the bar?

Partner – Zoetis supports livestock farmers and veterinarians How satisfied are you with the genetic predisposition for healthy udders of your cows? Complete the survey and receive a free cow halter. Every dairy farmer has a cow (family) that systematically scores better on udder health. Never mastitis, never an increased cell count. And you want … Read more

This mod turns Stellaris into a space strategy game set in the Mass Effect universe.

Have you ever wondered what could be the strategy for the Mass Effect universe? If so, no more guessing – the Binary Helix modding team is developing Beyond the Relays for Stellaris – a total conversion mod that turns the game into a space strategy game with a Mass Effect setting. This is not the … Read more

Fear begins to set in action – the bear market has arrived :: Dienas Bizness

The world has burned huge amounts of money this year. Already at the beginning of last week, it could be officially said that the world’s largest US stock market, where the price trend is characterized by a change in the Standard & Poor’s 500 index, has entered the so-called “bear stage”. In financial jargon, the … Read more

The “Ice Ribbon” of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium has set foot on a new starting point –

The National Speed ​​Skating Hall at night. The National Speed ​​Skating Hall is also known as the “Ice Ribbon”. The 22 ribbons are like the traces of athletes sliding over, symbolizing speed and passion.File photo/Photo by Li Kaixiang The interior of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium.File photo/Photo by Beijing News reporter Tao Ran Gao Tingyu … Read more

On the day of Midsummer, a man who showed “tricks” suffered severe burns – he poured kerosene into his mouth and set it on fire

Another lord in Latgale, who used gasoline for a fire, also ended the fire. The man suffered severe burns to his face and body, so he was hospitalized by NMPD doctors. NMPD doctors hospitalized nine people with various burns on the first day of the holiday, while four more needed medical help after choking on … Read more

“Somcheng Samcha” prepares to fly Korea overhaul, set a budget of 5 hundred thousand, cleared the drama of “Teng” quarrels, just a child’s frustration

“Somcheng Samcha” prepares to fly Korea, overhaul, set a budget of 5 hundred thousand! no surgery because always pay cash launch new products Lotus Pollen Extract Tell me to sell it. I don’t care about expensive raw materials. It’s been 9 years as a business owner. Getting Covid to make sales fall but a cartel … Read more