You can now set aside the Xbox Series X and Series S in Mexico; we tell you how

Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / YouTube / Instagram / News / Discord / Forums The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will debut in a couple of weeks and you probably intend to release it on its launch day. If so, you should know that it is already available for pre-sale in … Read more

Alhama de Granada as a television set

‘Music for my ears’, a program presented by the singer Manuel Lombo, used the Plaza de los Presos and the surroundings of the Pila de la Carrera as a natural setting, where Marina Heredia and Anni B. Sweet performed. We have always been convinced of the attractions of Alhama as a setting for film and … Read more

Teleconsultations: Health Insurance wants to set “more flexible rules”

In recent weeks, the National Health Insurance Fund and the doctors’ unions have opened negotiations to define new professional practices. On the table, teleconsultation should see its scope change to take into account changes since the launch of its reimbursement in September 2018. Details with the director of the Cnam, Thomas Fatome. What is your … Read more

Pay contactless: set up Apple Pay in 5 steps

During the Corona crisis, Apple Pay quickly developed into one of the most popular payment services. Instead of searching through their wallets for the right change or stressed out fumbling with the card from the compartment, more and more people are simply using the iPhone or smartwatch to pay. When it comes to contactless payments, … Read more

Diesel Generator Set Market Analysis by Share, Impact of COVID-19 on Global Opportunities, Growth

The Final Report will add the analysis of the impact of COVID-19 in this industryThe Global Diesel Generator Market Report is dedicated to providing business development status, key segments, competitive landscape, market niches, potential risks, and comprehensive analysis of competitive strategies in different fields. The Diesel Generator Group report provides in-depth knowledge on the utilization … Read more

Additional Encrypted Armor Set – Will Blizzard Include More Transmog Sets as Promotional Rewards?

Following the Sprite Darter’s transmog set available for purchase on the Blizzard shop, players have been curious if more promotional armor sets will be on the way. Therefore, we wanted to highlight another encrypted armor set, added in back in October 2019. Historically, Blizzard encrypts models for items that are obtainable through the Blizzard … Read more

LoL: Riot Invests In Former Blizzard Employees For A New RTS Set In League of Legends?

Genre lovers RTS they should be pointing the name of Frost Giant Studios. The exiled talent of Activision-Blizzard has set to work to come together and create a new real-time strategy game in which they hope to revive a genre that has long awaited its glory days. Developers have already raised more than 4.7 million … Read more

Pokémon Café and Pikachu Sweets will sell an exclusive tea set in their new menu – Nintenderos

The premises of Pokémon Café Y Pikachu Sweets They have updated their signature products to add a delicious new drink and a stylish Pokémon additional for those interested. These establishments have confirmed that from now on customers will be able to order a new drink of apple or strawberry syrup, in addition to a biscuit … Read more

Get a new transmog set with the purchase of a 6-month subscription! – World of Warcraft – Blizzard News

Introducing the new Goblin Dart Wings Transmog Set *, now available to add to your collection. This new transmog set inspired by the fairy dragons is for sale in-game and in the Blizzard store. For a limited time **, you can also get it at no additional charge in conjunction with the purchase of a … Read more

Education. A new classroom has been set up at the Chantraine school

A new classroom has been set up in the Robert-Desnos school. Jean-Daniel Boxberger, assistant for school and youth affairs, and Michel Aubert, assistant for public works and exploitation, supervised the works. “The school currently has 185 elementary students, an increase of 20 students compared to last year and 80 kindergarten students. It is always difficult … Read more