The tremendous punch that Ryan Reynolds has unleashed on Mark Ruffalo on the set of his new movie

Actors Ryan Reynolds y Mark Ruffalo They will star in the new Netflix production titled ‘The Adam Project’. It is a science fiction film in which we will see how a young man (Reynolds) will travel back in time, so that his 13-year-old ‘me’ helps him face his late father (Ruffalo). Although the first script … Read more

Cuba has its sights set on a future without Trump

HAVANA – When the Donald Trump administration announced this week that it had designated Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism, the reaction in Havana was immediate and energetic. The Cuban government accused Washington of hypocrisy and called the designation an act of “political opportunism” by President Trump to obstruct relations between Cuba and the … Read more

Today Tamaulipas – Tamaulipas Confirms SET that registration for the next school year will be online

The undersecretary of planning of the Tamaulipas Ministry of Education, Francisco Elizondo Salazar, guaranteed all children their enrollment and space in schools, both in urban areas and in the most remote regions of the State. By: Carlos Pineda / Ciudad Victoria On Wednesday January 13, 2021 at 20:50 The pre-registration period for the 2021-2022 school … Read more

IKEA launches the air purifier that is set to become a sales success – INFO BIERZO

The pandemic caused as a result of COVID-19 has led many citizens to modify not only their behavior habits, but also to pay greater attention to the comfort of home. Ergonomic desk chairs, sofas, pillows, mattresses, desks, computers or consoles have been some of the products with the highest levels of sales in recent months, … Read more

this was the Metro Control Center, set on fire on Saturday

Entering the Metro control center, at least five years ago, was a trip back in time. This was documented THE UNIVERSAL in his report published in 2015, where he realized that the brain of this transport system “stayed” in the 70s. This saturday, a fire put the “brain of the subway” in check. These operating … Read more

MORE CHAMPIONS AND MENTIONED THE GOLDEN BALL: The collective and individual goals that Serge Gnabry has set for himself

It was difficult for him to settle in the highest demand football, but he succeeded. After his adventure in England, he returned to Germany, his country. And on his return he was climbing little by little. Came to Werder Bremen, and stood out. Bayern Munich decided to sign him. However, before sending him into his … Read more

Elizabeth II and the Pope set an example with vaccines in a world under fear of the coronavirus

AFP / London Queen Elizabeth II and her husband were vaccinated against the coronavirus this Saturday, something that Pope Francis will do next week, two examples of people of at-risk age who decide to take the step, in the face of reluctance and mistrust. In the United Kingdom, which surpassed the figure of 80,000 deaths … Read more

Barcelona climbs at the pace set by Messi: Leo’s brutal progression

Despite the fact that many speak of decline, Messi is the league’s top scorer, the one who shoots the most, the best dribbler and the most decisive. A la chita keeping quiet, without raising her voice due to criticism and after a convulsive summer with a exclusive interview on Goal that went around the world … Read more