WHO warns of an increase in cases in Europe, while Covid-19 settles in the US and Brazil

The spread of coronavirus if it’s accelerating of alarmingly in the United States and Brazil, While the World Health Organization (WHO) warned this Thursday the increase in cases in Europe, what coincides with progressive de-refinement. According to the world health entity, last week the continent that leads the number of deaths from the pandemic and … Read more

Daimler settles for $ 2.2 billion in the US for tampering with diesels | NOW

The German automaker Daimler pays a total of 2.2 billion dollars (1.85 billion euros) to US authorities and customers for tampering with car emissions. This is evident from court documents on Tuesday. The parent company of Mercedes-Benz, among others, reached a settlement of hundreds of millions of euros in a similar case in Germany last … Read more

SushiSwap Founder Settles His Tokens For $ 6 Million In ETH

Key facts: NomiChef, anonymous developer of SushiSwap, liquidated its tokens for more than $ 6.3 million. SUSHI loses 55% of its value and questions whether the project will continue on its way. The founder of SushiSwap, DeFi liquidity platform, sold all of its SUSHI tokens for 17,971 ETH, currently valued at 6.3 million dollars, approximately. … Read more

Wolf settles on Strabrechtse heide: ‘And there are many more to come’ | Inland

HEEZE – The gray wolf that has been living on the Strabrechtse heath for almost six months and has already killed at least fifteen sheep in the Brabant countryside around Heeze and Sterksel, now seems to settle there permanently. Agricultural and horticultural organization LTO Nederland therefore urges measures and agreements to be made. Wolf enthusiasts … Read more

When a US astronaut settles down to sleep in the Russian segment of the ISS

Russian members of the International Space Station have provided their colleague from the United States with a module where he can sleep while searching for the leak on board the US segment of the ISS, the report said. cosmonaut Ivan Vagner. American astronaut Christopher Cassidy, who had to confine himself for three days with the … Read more

The tiger mosquito settles in Haute-Savoie

That’s it, the tiger mosquito, this “super-mosquito” from Asia that lives longer and is more resistant to climatic hazards, arrived in Haute-Savoie. Last year the department was spared, but now it has to deal with this recalcitrant insect. Rémy Foussadier, director of the Interdepartmental Mosquito Control Agreement: “It is a mosquito that flies little, it … Read more

Washington Post settles with teenager after defamation charge

The Washington Post has reached a settlement with an American teenager who accused the newspaper of defamatory reporting. The reason for this was the reporting of the newspaper about a ‘confrontation’ between the boy and a native activist, last January in Washington DC. The teenager eiste 250 million dollars (more than 214 million euros) satisfaction … Read more