Vittorio Sgarbi turns 70: the adventure in politics, the fights on TV, the loves, 8 secrets about him

“Since it is an interview for my 70 years I will speak for 70 hours” he joked to Corriere Vittorio Sgarbi, interviewed by Mauro Giordano on the occasion of his 70th birthday. The art critic was born in Ferrara on May 8, 1952, the son of two pharmacists. After graduating, he graduated in Philosophy at … Read more

Berlusconi-Fascina, Sgarbi spreads a secret from Silvio under the sheets

Tightly sealed wedding between Silvio Berlusconi and Marta Fascina, who on Saturday exchanged the fateful ‘yes’ with an American ritual, without any legal value but full of meaning for them, linked for almost two years. A handful of guests attended the ceremony at Villa Gernetto, in Brianza. A few close friends including Vittorio Sgarbi, who … Read more

Quirinale, Sgarbi to La7: “If Berlusconi does not come to Rome it means that he has given up hunting. He stopped last Friday”

Vittorio Sgarbi talks about the “Squirrel” operation with Diego Bianchi in a long chat aired in the last episode of Propaganda Live (La7) before the vote for the Quirinale. Sgarbi explains the strategies and tells the behind the scenes of the persuasion operation put in place to recover votes to add to the abacus of … Read more