Verona, Sboarina shakes the eve with the appeal from the 1950s: “Tommasi will bring us transgender and Roma”

Toni hadn’t felt like this since the 1950s, when Togliatti wanted to take De Gasperi to the slopes and the DC spoke of Cossacks ready to water the horses at our fountains. The last days of the election campaign of the center-right, in Verona, marked a turning point. And the climax was reached with a … Read more

Daughter of Paul Walker shakes the networks by sharing unpublished photos of the actor

Almost 10 years have passed since the tragic car accident that took the life of actor Paul Walker; His death not only meant a great loss for Hollywood cinema, but also for the family of the protagonist of “Fast and Furious”, who despite the time have not stopped remembering him for a single day, especially … Read more

A major artistic shock shakes the Egyptian lands.. The two stars, Amy and Donia Samir Ghanem, disowned their father after his death? ..and the reason is shocking.!!

A big scandal in Egypt after the two artists, Amy and Donia Samir Ghanem, renounced their father to a deceased, after disrespecting his honor. Amy and Donia Samir Ghanem disowned their father after his death For Civilization, entitled “A New Egypt… A New Future”, and it was remarkable that the Egyptian artist Donia and her … Read more

A forbidden crime that shakes the Egyptians.. a reckless groom. The night he entered was violent and difficult, and it lasted for 3 full hours.. And the great catastrophe occurred that did not occur to Satan’s mind.

An Egyptian groom beat his bride 3 hours after the wedding party ended, causing her to fall into a coma with a fractured skull and pelvis, and she was transferred to the intensive care room in a Cairo hospital. The groom said about the circumstances of the accident, that his mother advised him to beat … Read more

Brutal killing shakes Egypt: – Blocked ex

A young female student was brutally stabbed in broad daylight outside a university in Egypt. Naira Ashraf Abdel Qader was attacked by a fellow student and former girlfriend, in front of shocked witnesses and several surveillance cameras. The incident took place in the town of Mansoura in northeastern Egypt. According to the Egyptian news website … Read more

Corona scandal shakes Sweden – Doctor wanted for corona bluff

Around 35,000 people allegedly paid for PCR tests and travel documents at the Stockholm-based care company Doktorgruppen. They must have received unanalyzed test results back, all of which showed negative results. This is described as Sweden’s biggest fraud case during the pandemic, according to SVT. The case has received much attention in Sweden. Hammad Al-Saaid … Read more

Vespa Shakes, New Motorcycle Kymco Like ABS 150i Appears Vintage Cheaper Price

Dok Kymco Kymco Like 150i New Vintage is here as a Vespa challenger in Indonesia MOTOR – Vespa once again got a new competitor for the classic style motorcycle style European scooter. Times competitors come from Kymco Like 150i, which is officially available for the Indonesian market. Kymco Like ABS 150i is another variant … Read more

Roga Roga shakes up traditions

Published on : 17/06/2022 – 15:11 Roga Roga, legend of Congolese rumba, is making a comeback with Bokoko and an exceptional European tour. The musician returns to the importance in his music and in his life of ancestral traditions. His hits have made thousands of people dance, far beyond the African continent. It is said … Read more

The Earth’s Core Shakes, The Duration of One Day Changes Every 6 Years

Jakarta – Inti in Earth oscillates, sways gently and swirls from one direction to another in a six-year cycle. According to recent research, this activity affects the length of the day on our planet. As reported in the journal Science Advances, this new theory of how the Earth’s interior works contradicts earlier ideas about geological … Read more

A major catastrophe and sadness will engulf the world…the famous forecaster, Michel Hayek, warns his fans for the first time and shakes everyone’s hearts with this catastrophic and terrifying prediction that will happen within days!! (See)

On the popular YouTube video site, predictions for Lebanese astronomer Michel Hayek spread. Hayek appeared predicting the predictions of the new year 2022. Hayek predicted clashes and disagreements in a famous Arab country. He also indicated the death of a famous Arab artist and the death of a famous Arab singer in 2022.