Regret having problems with H Faisal, Tiara Marleen burst into tears: My husband immediately divorced three because of shame

Hops.ID – Some time ago, Tiara Marleen mention the late Vanessa Angel pregnant out of wedlock while live on social media. Now, Tiara Marleen admits that he is sorry. Because, he was finally reported by the in-laws Vanessa Angel, H Faisal. What’s more, now Tiara Marleen has been named a suspect in the alleged case … Read more

Bold details.. I was afraid of pain.. Donia Abdel Aziz reveals the hidden, hidden and painful secret behind the delay in her marriage, with all boldness and without shame.!!

The artist, Donia Abdel Aziz, revealed the details of her love story from her husband, Engineer Mustafa Kamel, after their wedding ceremony was held about two weeks ago. Donia Abdel Aziz talked about the reason for delaying her marriage. She indicated that she was afraid because of the failed relationships that she saw around her, … Read more

An Arab broadcaster, who is beautiful, forgot that she was live, and what she did without an iota of shame shocked everyone! (video)

2022/06/30 It’s 03:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite An old video was spread on the famous YouTube video site about an Algerian broadcaster and what she did during the live broadcast. The presenter appeared on the live broadcast in front of thousands of audience, confused and uneasy. In the details, Algerian websites reported that … Read more

The secrets and secrets of the night of Yasmine Sabry’s divorce and her exit from Abu Hashima Palace.. They asked her why, and she answered without shame!!

2022/06/29 12:40 am Island Bay | Follow Favorite The issue of the divorce of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, from her husband, the Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima, is still at the forefront of social networking sites. Ibrahim Abu Zekry, head of the Arab Producers Union, blew a surprise, noting that the famous star, Yasmine Sabry, … Read more

She took off the dress of shame.. a Saudi young woman spoke boldly about the reason for her refusal to sleep with her husband! .. you will not expect the reason.!!

The Saudi writer Amal Al-Harbi surprised everyone by answering a question about the dowry she would ask for if she was offered a marriage, noting that the dowry would be a condition for approval of the marriage. And she explained during her interview with the program “Stages” broadcast on SBC that the dowry that she … Read more

They asked Kinda Alloush: (What is forbidden in the sleeping room)?.. She replied without an ounce of shame and with all boldness… You won’t believe what she said.! !

An embarrassing question was asked by the famous doll, Abla Fahita, to the Syrian star Kinda Alloush, while she was a guest on the Duplex Live program earlier. In response to the question of what is forbidden in the bedroom, Kinda Alloush said that her husband prevented her from speaking, especially in the bedroom, and … Read more

Al Owais and Abdul Hamid… Where are you, O redhead of shame!

Al-Hilal won the league, Al-Ittihad lost, and Al-Ahly was relegated It is strange and surprising how feelings change so quickly these days! It is very painful to see a player who has lived with his team for years and shared one dream and lived happy and sad moments, that he forgets all of that just … Read more

A Jordanian presenter on Al-Arabiya channel (Fatana Al-Jammal) forgot that she is live… and what she did in public without shame shocked all the followers! !(video)

The anchor of the Jordanian Al-Arabiya channel, Muntaha Al-Ramahi, was exposed to an embarrassing situation while broadcasting a news release, which sparked a wave of comments on social networking sites, especially among Twitter users. During the news bulletin, and without an introduction or a clear reason, Muntaha fell into a fit of laughter, and could … Read more

Who is the man you are marrying yourself?? Nermin El-Feki answers without an ounce of shame and shocks the audience with what she said in public!

2022/06/25 It’s 09:10 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The artist, Nermin El-Feki, revealed the specifications of the boy of her dreams, whom she wishes to marry, in a previous interview with the media, Lamees El-Hadidi, on her program A Last Word on ON channel. She said: “He must be educated, nostalgic, kind and a … Read more

“Worst documentary in history”, “A shame”: the documentary on the life of Paul Pogba gets knocked out

Better on the field than in front of a camera obviously… Released a few weeks ago, the documentary on the life of Paul Pogba called “The Pogmentary” made a big flop according to social networks and specialized sites. On the cinema site IMDb, known for rating films, series and documentaries, the Pioche docu garners an … Read more