Post-bubble high TOPIX, boosted by fixed inflation and shareholder returns – Bloomberg

In the Japanese stock market on the 16th, the TOPIX (Tokyo Stock Price Index) surpassed the return high after the collapse of the bubble and renewed the level for the first time in 33 years. Exceeded 10,000 yen. In addition to the relatively strong economy compared to the rest of the world, Japan’s long-term deflation … Read more

Manilla’s makeover: changing management and shareholder structure, range and brand strategy

Next week, the manufacturer of the natural cosmetics brand “Manilla” will start selling a renewed product, the development and presentation of which is also being worked on by a renewed team of managers and shareholders of the brand manager – the company “Dermofaktorius”. Normantas Rabačiauskas, who until recently held the position of export manager, was … Read more

Ajax listed for 25 years: ‘Average shareholder is emotionally involved and loves Ajax’

10/05/2023 19:00 | by NielsOpdam Frank van den Wall Bake believes that football clubs such as Ajax do not belong on the stock exchange, the sports marketer explains in The Telegraph. The Amsterdam club was listed on the stock exchange for 25 years on Thursday. According to the medium, the share scores mainly with supporters … Read more

Africa REN finalizes the shareholder reorganization of the Senergy solar power plant

(AFRICA REN) – Pioneer of renewable energies in Africa, Africa REN announces a change in the shareholding of the Senergy 2 solar power plant. The historical shareholders are selling their shares to the new investment vehicle set up by Africa REN and its partners. Located in Bokhol, northern Senegal, Senergy 2 was commissioned in 2016, … Read more

The sale of VOO to Orange: a cash package for 30 Brutélé shareholder municipalities

Sambreville, for example, will receive 8 million. A very large amount, but as mayor Jean-Charles Luperto reminds us, “the commune of Sambreville is under a management plan and we will see what we can do. No precipitation. You have to study the file. This money can come to reduce the debt or make it possible … Read more

Mir is a shareholder in Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide

Aliaksandrs Alsheuskis. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V). At the age of 61, Aliaksandras Alsheuskis, the founder and long-time CEO of the Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide group of optical devices, died unexpectedly. A. Alsheuskis will own a controlling stake in Yukon Advanced Optics Worldwide, which works with the Pulsar brand and, among other things, produces optical … Read more

BaltCap will become the largest shareholder of HansaMatrix – Market news

Advertisements_photo BaltCap, the leading private equity fund manager in the Baltics, will become the largest shareholder of the high-tech company HansaMatrix through its company Emsco. BaltCap has successfully concluded a voluntary share buyback offer and will acquire 93.1% of HansaMatrix shares. BaltCap investment director Juris Pārups is pleased that HansaMatrix’s voluntary share buyback offer has … Read more

BaltCap will become the largest shareholder of HansaMatrix

Baltic private capital fund manager “BaltCap” through its company “Emsco” will become the largest shareholder of the high-tech company “HansaMatrix”. “BaltCap” has concluded a voluntary share buyback offer and will acquire 93.1% of “HansaMatrix” shares. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “BaltCap” investment director Juris Pārups says that the results confirm that, in the … Read more

Sritex Shareholders Dismiss All Directors and Commissioners

CNN Indonesia Friday, 24 Mar 2023 15:42 WIB Sritex shareholders decided to fire all of the old board of directors and commissioners at the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders which was held on Friday (17/3). Illustration. (CNN Indonesia/Puput Tripeni Juniman). Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMS) of PT Sri Rejeki Isman … Read more

Křetínský became the largest shareholder of the French chain

Fnac Darty is a retail chain that sells books, music and electronics. French average reported on the development about a week after the media conglomerate Vivendi announced exclusive negotiations with one of the companies of the Cretan Empire on the sale of the Editis publishing house, which is the second largest in France. Křetínský, as … Read more