Xiaomi continues to lead the phone market and buys Dongyi Risheng shares

Xiaomi continues to lead the indian market of smart phones. On the other hand, the giant of technology and home automation buy shares in a home decor firm to strengthen the smart home business. Xiaomi buys Dongyi Risheng shares Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has recently invested in Dongyi Risheng, one of China’s leading home … Read more

Xiaomi buys shares in a home decor firm

Xiaomi, does not stop investing In addition to telephones and technology related to mobiles, batteries and screens, it has also just done so in the home decoration sector! Xiaomi invests in home decoration Specifically Xiaomi has recently invested in Dongyi Risheng, one of the leading home decoration brands in China. Xiaomi has become one of … Read more

“It was slow, but we are…”: Toño Mauri’s family shares details about the actor’s health

MEXICO -. Mexican actor Toño Mauri He continues to fight against the consequences of COVID-19, a virus that a few weeks ago put his life at risk and that even took him to the intensive care area of ​​a hospital in Miami where he is being treated. Mauri, 56, and some members of his family … Read more

The Rock shares new Red Notice photo to celebrate Ryan Reynolds birthday

The Rock was ready to celebrate Ryan Reynolds’ birthday and posted it on Instagram. It’s been a busy week for dead Pool star as he marked the big day and voted for the first time in America. It’s not really your birthday unless Dwayne Johnson steps up to let you know how much you are … Read more

Meghan Markle’s friend shares a cryptic post about “an idiot” who abandoned her

Meghan Markle’s friend Jessica Mulroney has posted a cryptic taunt about “some idiots” who turned their backs on her after she got caught in a line of “white privileges. The pair were rumored to have fallen out after a similar spat, but Mulroney has since claimed that this is not the case. daily log reports. … Read more

[Video] Samsung shares a sneak peek for Galaxy Unpacked with new teaser visual – Samsung Newsroom Argentina

The virtual event Galaxy Unpacked 2020 is throbbing and Samsung has revealed more clues about the next devices that join the Galaxy ecosystem. Samsung has always designed products that allow people to connect, create and communicate more easily, with new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously wherever we go. Is teaser campaign was created … Read more

Drew Barrymore shares her beauty secrets on Instagram

More information ¿RDo you remember the little girl from the movie ET? drew Barrymore, is already 45 years old. She is a multifaceted woman, as well as an actress, she is a producer, film director and businesswoman in various projects. A cosmetics company, a fashion company, and also a wine company. Drew Barrymore also triumphs … Read more

Chiquis Rivera shares the unpublished video of her wedding with Lorenzo Méndez

Chiquis Rivera shared through his channel YouTube, the unpublished video of her wedding with Lorenzo Mendez, which took place on June 29 and was held behind closed doors. It is known that the singer wanted to keep the moment of her marriage private, so she did not sell the exclusive to any media, in return … Read more

Natalie Portman shares how she prepares to be Jane Foster again in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Marvel is preparing to begin filming the next installment of the God of Thunder and to quell the fans’ cravings, Natalie Portman revealed how she is preparing to return to play Jane Foster in ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, considering that this time his character will have an important weight in the plot. The studio has … Read more

The son of Juan Manuel Santos shares a meme with his father with a dollar price

The issue gave rise to all kinds of comments since the price of the dollar shot up to its all-time high, since last Thursday, March 12, it reached a record of 4,095.60 pesos, explained by the fall in oil prices and the tail blow of the coronavirus on the world economy. That was why Esteban … Read more