“My Daughter”… The heartbreaking secret of the cushion lying on IU’s concert… Everyone shed tears

online community Recently, to commemorate the 14th anniversary of her debut, IU held her solo concert ‘The Golden Hour: Under the Orange Sun’ at the Olympic Main Stadium in Seoul Jamsil Sports Complex on September 17th and 18th. Fans who go to IU’s concert often point to the cushions placed in the audience as a … Read more

Found dead in the shed where he lived in Braga by a bailiff who went to check an electronic bracelet

A 59-year-old man was found dead, already in a state of decomposition, late this Friday morning, in the shed where he lived, on the Caminho da Ordem, in Dume, Braga. According to what O MINHO found out, Américo Pereira da Silva, who had been convicted of domestic violence, was found by a justice official who … Read more

BBM Rises During SBY’s Era, They shed tears

Monday, September 5, 2022 – 05:04 WIB VIVA Politics – The Joko Widodo administration’s policy of increasing subsidized fuel prices has drawn criticism. PDI-P (PDIP) as a political party or political party supporting the government was also criticized. Esa Unggul University political communication observer Jamiluddin Ritonga highlighted the political stance of the PDIP which is … Read more

A Lithuanian advises to be careful in a country popular with tourists: the fines here are such that even the strongest person will shed a tear of pain

If you don’t like football, don’t be too quick to stop reading. This story will not be about him. This story will be about a state that, with a population barely larger than the city of Kaunas, managed to overcome super difficult selections and get to the World Football Championship. I’m talking about Iceland, the … Read more

“It’s an extremely serious subject”: Beaune calls for “shed light” on the accusations against TotalEnergies and its link with Russian planes

“This is an extremely serious subject, so it must be checked that, voluntarily or involuntarily, there is no misappropriation either of the sanctions, or of the energy that a French company, or other, would produce”, has declared the minister on France 2. According to the newspaper Le Monde, which is based on several documents and … Read more

Steam’s hand-painted healing adventure “Aka” Red Panda’s island gardening is slow, free to grow vegetables and build a shed or hang out and doze | 4Gamers

The hand-drawn open-world exploration game “Aka” developed by Canadian game team Cosmo Gatto has been recruiting and testing for a limited time since its release this summer. This is a leisure work full of healing elements in all aspects. The story background of “Aka” describes that after the war, the red panda Aka returned to … Read more

The teenagers who were exploited by two men from Ócs slept in a shed and worked 10-12 hours a day on construction sites (video)

Brutal conditions prevailed in the hut, the teenagers were paid HUF 90,000 every two weeks for the hard physical work. Two men were produced by the police in Pest County because, according to the suspicion, they made young people under the age of 18 work for low wages for 10-12 hours a day, the police … Read more

New photos of Jupiter shed clues to its ‘inner life’

The James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) has delivered two surprisingly accurate new images of Jupiter, showing its giant storms and extreme winds and offering scientists additional clues about the life within that planet. The US space agency (NASA) celebrated this Monday the quality of the details, which according to Imke de Pater, professor emeritus at … Read more

The reason why Julia Roberts shed tears more at opera by Kim Hee-kyung’s Art of 7 and 3

‘The Art of 7 and 3’ contains the lives of artists who left beautiful music and outstanding paintings. 7 and 3 are the 7th gradation of Doremi Fasolashi, and the ‘three primary colors of light’ of red, green, and blue. All works that move and move people’s hearts are born from these seven tones and … Read more