Jewish family gets Beethoven’s handwritten sheet music back after 80 years | Abroad

A Jewish family receives handwritten sheet music by composer Ludwig van Beethoven from a Czech museum. Their relatives had to flee the country to escape the Holocaust and left behind the valuable sheet music. The museum in the Czech city of Brno has had the original manuscript for the fourth movement of one of Beethoven’s … Read more

Ten years after their creation, are on-call medical posts effective? Here is the balance sheet

The on-call medical posts are celebrating their 10th anniversary. These centers provide medical service at night, on weekends and on public holidays. Initially, it was first in the province of Luxembourg that they were created in order to counter the shortage of doctors. 10 years later, is the problem solved? Let’s first go back to … Read more

Jeep Avenger BEV 1st Edition test, data sheet, opinions and dimensions

We also use petrol And here it is, thebaby Jeep”. Ready to accompany us in a preview test reserved for the Car of the Year jurors, the international award that every year (since 1964) identifies the most innovative car from a technological and design point of view, in relation to price, among those presented (and … Read more

Human evolution isn’t just sheet music, but how it’s played: research

North Carolina [US]27 (ANI): A team of Duke scientists have discovered a group of human DNA sequences that appear to have evolved rapidly after our family line split from chimpanzees, but before we split from Neanderthals. This sequence is thought to be responsible for changes in brain development, digestion, and immunity.Compared to apes, we have … Read more

“Body transported wrapped in a sheet and rubbish scattered everywhere outside the hospital”

Civita Castellana – Filippo Mario Perazzoni (Italian nurses union Nursing Up) writes to Nas and the labor inspectorate Civita Castellana – Transportation of the body to the hospital in Civita Castellana and improper disposal of hospital waste, Filippo Mario Perazzoni of the Italian nurses’ union Nursing Up writes to Nas, the labor inspectorate and to … Read more

Peskov arrived in Donbas. He passed sheet music to Russian journalists and army spokesmen

“Thanks to Dmitry Sergeevich, who just returned from Luhansk on Wednesday night, where he conducted a training program for representatives of the media and press services of the Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics,” Kiriyenko said, adding that Peskov had already returned. The pair of separatist republics in eastern Ukraine were annexed by Russia, along with … Read more

The technical sheet of the next high-end Oppo Find X6 Pro smartphone leaked

There are still several months before the high-end Oppo smartphone is formalized, but it seems that a very large part of its technical sheet is the subject of a leak revealing the main characteristics of the Find X6 Pro and of which here are all the details. A few weeks ago, the Oppo Find X6 … Read more