Thousands of Muslims offer their first Tarawih prayer at the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Solo

Antara & Getty Images | CNN Indonesia Thursday, 23 Mar 2023 11:15 WIB Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Solo, Central Java, was used for the first time for Tarawih prayers last Wednesday (22/3) night, marking the beginning of Ramadan. RELATED TOPIC Read more

Sheikh Hossam Al-Ailani: I call on sheikhs to leave mosques, hold sit-ins, and lead popular movements, and all options are open

At the invitation of the imam and preacher of the Al-Ghufran Mosque in the city of Sidon, Sheikh Hussam Al-Ailani, a vigil was held yesterday after Friday prayers in front of the mosque to condemn the deteriorating living conditions. Al-Ailani said in a speech to him: “Today we wanted to leave the mosque and hold … Read more

Hey Tire:: From a deception to marriage to a bullet in the heart and head… This is how Sheikh Al-Rifai was killed

The investigations of the Information Branch revealed details of the circumstances of the killing of the imam of the mosque in the town of Al-Qarqaf, Sheikh Ahmed Shuaib Al-Rifai, in a crime that was planned and carried out by the mayor, also Sheikh, Yahya Al-Rifai, in cooperation with his son and three of his nephews. … Read more

Is the murder of Sheikh Al-Rifai transferred to the Judicial Council?

Source: National News Agency The “Follow-up Committee in the town of Al-Qarqaf” considered in a statement that “Sheikh Ahmed Shuaib Al-Rifai has risen as an oppressed martyr to a merciful, generous, mighty and avenging God, and God honored him and raised his destiny in his death, and the huge crowds who participated in his consolation … Read more

Magaly Medina says that Rosángela Espinoza is looking for a rich husband in Dubai | arabic sheikh | Videos | show business | SHOWS

Magaly Medina referred to the recent interview of Rosangela Espinoza for the “America Today” program and pointed out that “The Selfie Girl” had to admit that she is in Dubai thanks to the financing of a suitor. READ ALSO: How did Jazmín Pinedo react when she saw that Gino Assereto kissed a member of EEG? … Read more

Minhad henceforth Hind City; Sheikh Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai, did the renaming

Dubai: Al Minhad and surrounding areas will henceforth be known as Hind City. UAE The name change was announced by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai. The order in this regard was issued by Sheikh Mohammed, the ruler of Dubai. Hind City is henceforth known as the … Read more

The departure of Sheikh sheikhs of Nasiriyah roads

May God have mercy on uncle “Sami Sharaf”. I will miss his morning phone, he always draws me to what I missed of news, articles and publications, especially if it touches the biography of Khaled the male leader “Jamal Abdel Nasser” negatively or positively.. He was always in possession of another novel, another anecdote, and … Read more

The latest appearance of “George Wassouf” with Turki Al-Sheikh • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: The head of the Entertainment Authority, Turki Al-Sheikh, published a video clip of his reception of the Syrian artist, George Wassouf. Al-Sheikh attached the video to a comment in which he said: “With Abu Wadih al-Ghali,” without providing any additional details. Al-Sheikh also published pictures with the Syrian artist and a song for … Read more

Turki Al-Sheikh kisses the head of Hayat Al-Fahd and Souad Abdullah while honoring them at the “JoyAwards” ceremony in Riyadh • Al-Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented the moment of honoring the two artists, Hayat Al-Fahd and Souad Abdullah, during the JoyAwards Awards Ceremony in Riyadh. The head of the Entertainment Authority, Counselor Turki Al-Sheikh, handed the two artists the award, and kissed their heads. And Al-Sheikh said: “The award that you are proud of, and … Read more