The favorite Ukrainian goods are no longer on the shelves of shops

This has been confirmed by several Shopping networks, which has so far offered Chumak products. Their representatives could not specify when supplies could resume. “It simply came to our notice then. Unfortunately, we did not receive any further information from the supplier. We are currently looking for alternatives to replace these sauces, “he said.Until”Communication manager … Read more

The increase in excise duty on liquor was also reflected on the shelves…

Özgür Aybaş, the Founder of the Monopoly Dealers Platform (TBP), shared the price list of some drink groups. Accordingly, a 50-piece Tuborg Gold bottle was 29 lira, and a Tuborg Gold box was 28 lira. 50 Carlsberg bottle was 29.5 liras, while its box was 30 liras. While the price of 50 Tuborg Special increased … Read more

PlayStation Plus’ new membership subscription plan is on the shelves today, which is more cost-effective than Xbox Game Pass? – My mid-time entertainment

SIET has finally launched a 2-hour game trial benefit that is limited to premium members. For example, this year’s new “Uncharted: The Legend of Thieves Collection” and “Horizon Western Forbidden Land” will all be eligible for premium membership-limited trial benefits. (Provided by SIET) Now is the era of subscription system. Movies, dramas, music, etc. are … Read more

After more than 80 years: traditional brand disappears from German supermarket shelves

Traditional brand disappears from Germany: Onken looks back on 70 years of history The products of the traditional Onken brand have been an integral part of German refrigerated shelves for decades. Image: Onken Elisabeth Wagner-Wehrborn, Managing Director of Emmi Germany, told Lebensmittel Zeitung: “The decision to withdraw our Onken range from the German market was … Read more

Info alert: This product could soon be out of supermarket shelves, all the info!

Nutella is the most popular spread in many countries. For information, it contains mainly palm oil. Of which 20% of Ferrero’s inventory comes from Indonesia. Faced with rising prices on the local market, this country had decided to suspend its exports until prices returned to normal. Note that a price increase of up to 6,000 … Read more

Titanfall 3 placeholder spotted on German GameStop shelves

© Titanfall 3 was long thought to be a long way off, with some even wondering if there would even be a third game in the popular franchise. However, at least one retailer is showing that the wait for Titanfall 3 may not be that long. Or just local employees wishful thinking optimists. Despite the … Read more

Another bad news on store shelves? Prices for toilet paper, tissues and diapers could rise sharply

Published on Friday, May 6, 2022 at 7:19 p.m. Due to the war in Ukraine, the prices of toilet paper and tissues could in turn increase. Toilet paper, tissues and diapers could become more expensive due to a global shortage of paper pulp. Suzano, one of the biggest companies in the sector, warns consumers. According … Read more

Sega pulls four older Sonic games from digital shelves on May 20 – Gaming – News

Let’s be honest, in the latest news about Sonic Origins I installed Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic Mania (via Steam) and tried both again (I suck at Sonic!). With an Xbox360 like controller (Logitech Chillstream). Sonic the Hedgehog is part of the SEGA Mega Drive and Genesis Classics bundle and its interface is anything but … Read more

Infection is on the rise in Beijing – emptying store shelves for food

Fears of widespread closure have prompted residents to stockpile large quantities of food in the downtown Chaoyang district of China. On Monday, residents of the district were ordered to be tested for coronary heart disease. Queue: Thousands of Beijingers lined up on Monday to test for coronary heart disease. Photo: Tingshu Wang / Reuters Chaoyang … Read more