God of War Ragnarok will have shields with different abilities

The next God of War Ragnarok seems to improve every aspect of the original game, including one of the pillars of the game: combat. In addition to new attacks and abilities to use on the battlefield, Kratos will also have different shields that will provide him with additional defensive abilities. The new director of the … Read more

“Defeat Time: Pioneer” beta time announced, guns, anti-riot shields and “attack dogs” return to the battlefield | 4Gamers

“Call of Duty: Vanguard” (Call of Duty: Vanguard) lifted the ban on multiplayer game promotional content today (8), and at the same time previews the upcoming public test schedule. PS5 and PS4 pre-order players will have the first experience in the first week. The second week is cross-platformRegistration system public test。 “Decisive Moment: Vanguard”, like … Read more

Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic – Serious Problems: All of the company’s Space Shields Frozen

“The FAA is overseeing the Virgin Galactic investigation into the July 11 incident with [erdvėlaiviu] “SpaceShipTwo, which took place over the America spaceport in New Mexico,” the agency said in a brief statement. “Virgin Galactic will not be able to fly SpaceShipTwo until the FAA approves the final investigation into the incident or determines that … Read more

Lithuanian guards showed how Belarusians were pushing migrants out of the country with their shields. “We’re going!” Forward! “| News from the world

“Belarusian propagandists who regularly tell fictional stories about the violence of the Lithuanian border guards and inhuman treatment migrants, they are silent factthat brute physical force at the state border is being used by Belarusian law enforcement agencies “- Stateowa wrote on social media on Thursday Border Guard Lithuania. The officials added that Belarusians wearing … Read more

New traffic light reopens classrooms and shields the economy

Hugo Lopez-Gatell, Undersecretary of Health, reported that there will be changes in the epidemiological traffic light so that there is no absolute closure of productive activities and face-to-face education is allowed even in cases where there is an increase in infections. In the morning of National Palace, argued that people are tired of the epidemic … Read more

The opposition in Belarus has called for further protests. The police lowered their shields

A crowd gathered near Minsk Pushkinskaya Metro Station. Together, they wanted to honor the memory of Alexander Tarajkousky, who died this week during fierce police crackdowns on protesters. People laid flowers on the place where he died. The Slovak website informed about it tvnoviny. During the protest, people loudly called on Lukashenko to resign. For … Read more

Protests in Belarus on Friday were not expelled; security guards lower the shields, Minsk festive atmosphere

Protests in the Belarusian capital, Minsk, and other cities, ended around midnight on Friday, the sixth day in a row, but there were no dispersals or arrests on that day. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On Friday, doctors took part in protests against the use of force by law enforcement officers, standing in … Read more

Bia³oru¶. Tens of thousands of strikers. Sea of ​​lights in Minsk, soldiers lowering their shields | World news

With such demands, they went to the central Independence Square workers of the Minsk Tractor Plant, who announced a strike. Then a column of employees of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences joined them. The gathered people sat down in the square, demonstrating that the protest was peaceful, and chanted slogans demanding the resignation of President … Read more

Face shields do not protect against the spread of covid-19

The disease appeared in a hotel in the village of Pontresina in the canton of Graubünden, where several employees and at least one guest tested positive. “It turned out that only those employees who used transparent shields became infected. There has not been a single case of infection in employees with a veil, “said the … Read more