José Manuel Cortizas, dubbing actor of Hiroshi Nohara in Shin Chan and sports journalist, dies

Voice actor and sports journalist José Manuel Cortizas died at the age of 58 on February 27 from COVID-19, just like confirmed his colleagues from El Correo. He was known for having dubbed mythical characters like Hiroshi Nohara in Shin Chan (among many other works) and for following the news and the matches of Bilbao … Read more

Even when Shin Hyun-soo returns, the fire remains… Attention to President Wen’s decision

Shin Hyun-soo, chief executive officer of the presidential secretary’s office, listens to President Moon Jae-in’s remarks at a meeting of chief and advisors held at the Blue House on the 22nd. yunhap news When Shin Hyun-soo, senior president of the Blue House, took over to President Moon Jae-in, the gong went back to President Moon, … Read more

Shin Hyun-soo takes a vacation and gets a wedge of gratitude… I crossed the river of no return with President Wen

Shin Hyun-soo, senior citizen of the Blue House. yunhap news Shin Hyun-soo, chief executive officer of the Blue House, is taking the steps of a company while paying a vacation home. The Blue House, as well as Justice Minister Park Beom-gye, have stepped up to appease, but it seems unlikely that Shin will return to … Read more

Shin Ae-ra “♥ Cha In-pyo, two adopted daughters cry every day due to adolescent changes”

[매일경제 스타투데이 한현정 기자] Actor Cha In-pyo’s wife and actor Shin Ae-ra (51) shared the current status of her two adopted daughters, while commenting on Cha In-pyo’s tender feelings. Shin Ae-ra appeared in the recent CBS current affairs program’Let’s Make it New’. On this day, Shin Ae-ra said, “I am grateful for the fact that … Read more

Prosecutors and actor Shin Hyun-joon dismissed impeachment charges for ‘Gap-Jil-Prophopol’

[아시아경제 송승윤 기자] In the case in which actor Shin Hyun-jun (51) was charged with defamation by former manager Kim Mo, the prosecution was not charged. The Seoul Northern District Prosecutor’s Office announced on the 12th that Shin had not been prosecuted, who was charged with violating the Information and Communication Networks Act on the … Read more

Supporters’ responses to Shin Tae-yong’s U19 National Team Defeat Page all – First try U19 national team Indonesia in the training camp in Croatia ended less satisfactorily. Care team Shin Tae-yong it must admit excellence Bulgaria with a final score of 3-0. These results also invited comments from supporters of the national team. It has become a common thing, after the match, the virtual world … Read more

Again, Hard Training Shin Tae-yong Eats Victims in Croatia, Indonesia U-19 National Team Player Fainted

BOLASPORT.COM – Hard training ala Shin Tae-yong make a player Indonesian U-19 national team passed out while on Croatia. Entering the third day of training camp at Croatia, Shin Tae-yong continue to improve the physicality of the players Indonesian U-19 national team. Shin Tae-yong also always reports the progress of the players to the General … Read more

4 tall Indonesian U-19 national team strikers brought to Croatia, proof that Shin Tae-yong prioritizes posture RAHAYU Indonesia U-19 national team striker, Saddam Emiruddin (right) BOLASPORT.COM – Squad Indonesian U-19 national team who left for Croatia were inhabited by 4 strikers who have high posture. Previously, coach Indonesian U-19 national team, Shin Tae-yong, has announced the names of 30 players who will be taken to the training camp in Croatia. … Read more

Inviting 30 players to Croatia, Shin Tae-yong leaves the 2020 U-19 Asian Cup Qualifying Top Scorer

BOLASPORT.COM – Top scorer Indonesian U-19 national team in Qualification 2020 U-19 Asian Cup, Fajar Fathurrahman, not called Shin Tae-yong to join TC in Croatia. Indonesian U-19 national team is getting close to 2020 U-19 Asian Cup. The Garuda Nusantara team will compete in the event which will be held in Uzbekistan from 14 to … Read more

New images for Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster (Dante, fusion, Amala labyrinth …)

Atlus keep showing Shin Megami Tensei III Nocturne HD Remaster, this week with new images showcasing different important elements of the game, starting with Dante of Devil May Cry. As we had learned a few days ago, it will eventually be available in the remaster as a DLC. Ititle Maniax Pack, it will cost 980 … Read more