S.Jarumbauskas shining in Pasvalys: when I was told in the summer that I would get 5-8 minutes, I said that it was suitable

Simas Jarumbauskas In the summer, he suddenly found out that he was no longer pursuing a career at Prienai Labas GAS Club. He traveled to Pasvalys, believing that he would have to settle for 5 to 8 minutes on Betsafe-LKL. parquet. Only then could coach Mantas Šernius promise him. Still, the situation became radically different. … Read more

In the rumors of D.Sabonis’ exchange, the name of the “Kings” star is shining

Indiana Pacers leader Domantas Sabonis is receiving more and more attention in the exchange market. The Kings Club of Sacramento took Lithuania seriously. It has been rumored in the Sacramento that the average of the National Basketball Association (NBA) is determined to include in the exchange even the hitherto inviolable De’Aaron Foxwho responds calmly to … Read more

Pampita celebrated her birthday and Roberto García Moritán gave her a moving message: “I kept shining”

Pampita Ardohain turned 44 years old and her husband Roberto Garcia Moritan He did not want to miss the opportunity to honor her on his social networks with an emotional dedication. Through the stories from Instagram, the entrepreneur He shared a tender video where he is seen in the company of Ana, the first daughter … Read more

Katarzyna Niezgoda is shining in Mexico. It is unrecognizable [INSTAGRAM]

Katarzyna Niezgoda has become known to fans of Polish show business as Tomasz Kammel’s girlfriend. However, a lot has changed since their separation. The businesswoman changed her job several times, she also met a new love and underwent a spectacular metamorphosis. Already in 2020, the media praised her appearance and styling in which she presented … Read more

Vinicius .. From a teenage player in Brazil to a shining star in the Royal Club

Spanish press reports stated that Brazilian star Junior Vinicius fulfilled his dream of brilliance with the Spanish club, Real Madrid. And the Spanish newspaper “Marca” reported that after a few years of doubt and anticipation, the young Brazilian star, Junior Vinicius, was able to fulfill his prophecy that he would be a brilliant player with … Read more

The brightest “Christmas comet” for 2021 was observed during its approach to Earth (photos and video)

Astronomers have been following what has been described as this year’s brightest comet, closely, since it was first discovered at the beginning of 2021. Despite its brightness, it was somewhat difficult to spot with the human eye on Earth, but spacecraft from NASA and the European Space Agency were able to capture Comet Leonard, during … Read more

The champion shining in the Champions League is on his way to Zenit / News

St. Petersburg’s Zenit team can strengthen the chain of defenders Tysonas Carteris, the basketball player himself reported this information to the Greek daily Gazzetta.gr. St. Petersburg Zenith / Schedule “I am ready for the next step. I am happy with what I experienced on Lavry’s team. I really feel ready for anything that will happen. … Read more

P.Kalaitzakis shining in Panevėžys: “We have proved that many were wrong”

Panagiotis Kalaitzakis, the debutant of the tournament, is the most useful in the team and the second in terms of points earned, who scores 14.8 points and fixes the efficiency of 16 points. The 22-year-old 200cm tall Greek also bounces off the 3.8 ball and makes a 2.8 effective pass. The official website of the … Read more

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are faithful remakes | Review

A little too faithful at times Written by Cody Dakota op Monday, November 29, 2021 10:17 When Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl were announced early this year, we were promised faithful remakes. Eight gym battles, badly dressed villains, hundreds of trainers and the grand finale to win the Pokémon League. We all know what … Read more