Shocking video: a man in a parachute was attacked by a shark

By Rosary3 | 19-03-2023 10:45 A 37-year-old tourist was ambushed by a shark while enjoying water sports with a friend at the luxury holiday resort of Aqaba, Jordan. The Jordanian man was strapped to a brightly colored parachute when he suddenly began skimming the ocean. Footage shows the tandem paraglider hovering dangerously close to the … Read more

A recent study reveals shocking details

Football players and dementia: a recent study reveals shocking details A Swedish study showed that professional soccer players are 1.5 times more likely than ordinary citizens to develop neurodegenerative diseases such as dementia or Alzheimer’s. According to a report on the study published by “The Lancet Public Health” magazine, the research relied on 6007 players … Read more

A school agent, his wife and their four children died in a terrible accident while they were returning from Riyadh to Jizan

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A school agent, his wife and their four children were killed in a terrible accident while they were returning from Riyadh to Jizan. The late Yahya Hussein Khabrani, a school principal in the Al-Jawa Educational Complex, southwest of Al-Ardah Governorate, was returning with his family to Jizan after spending a vacation period. During … Read more

the shocking images of a neighboring business, we hear the detonations! (video)

It is not the images that shock the most, but the sound of video surveillance coming from a snack bar on rue Neuve in Charleroi. Several shots were fired this Monday evening, right next to the trade. The shooter injured two people, including the Fleurusien, whom he seriously hit in the chest. Urgently transported by … Read more

After the shocking announcement, will Lebanon’s banks officially declare bankruptcy?

The announcement by the Secretary-General of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, Fadi Khalaf, about the lack of cash liquidity in the banks, raised the concern of the Lebanese, especially the depositors who are awaiting the release of their seized savings, and prompted them to raise question marks as to whether his words were a … Read more

A young man falls naked from the fourth floor to escape from the family of his mistress’s husband in Dakahlia (shocking details)

Investigations revealed new details about the death of a young man who fell from the fourth floor, after he was caught naked in his mistress’s apartment in Dakahlia Governorate, and said that the deceased took advantage of his mistress’s husband’s travel to work abroad, and established an illegal relationship two months after their marriage. The … Read more

Shocking decision by an MMA fighter! He will relinquish his citizenship to Russia

MMA fighter Jeff Monson plans to renounce his US citizenship. Until now, he had two passports, because in 2018 he also obtained Russian citizenship. Jeff Monson /Josh Hedges/Forza LLC /Getty Images Monson fought, among others, in the UFC and the Russian organization M-1 Global. He fought almost 90 fights, of which he won 60, lost … Read more

Flip the Gaming Battlefield – MSI’s Flagship CLUTCH GM51 Lightweight Series Gaming Mouse Shocking Debut

MSI, the world’s leading gaming hardware brand, launches the brand’s top gaming mouse – CLUTCH GM51 series, including wired and wireless versions. As the successor of CLUTCH GM41/GM31, CLUTCH GM51 lightweight series gaming mouse continues the same appearance design concept, and inherits the well-known GM50 series hand shape, and provides further optimization. The flagship CLUTCH … Read more

Elisabetta Gregoraci is terrified: “I can’t face it”. Here is the shocking tale!

Elisabetta Gregoraci she recently spoke about one of her biggest fears. During an interview with Todayshe let herself go to one open-hearted confessionabout his mother’s long illness and death. Sick as a young woman, the mamma by Elisabetta Gregoraci, struggled hard for years, against a breast cancer which got the better of her, in 2011. … Read more