Trump Lawyer Says New Georgia Lawsuits Will Be Filed Soon: “It Will Be Shocking” | Donald Trump | Sidney Powell | Smartmatic

The President’s Attorney Donald TrumpJordan Sekulow said an election challenge to be filed this week contains fresh allegations of wrongdoing. “We have lawsuits that are likely to be filed in Georgia Monday or Tuesday; I can’t go into details, ”he told Newsmax, without providing any examples. “I can’t tell you right now, but what’s to … Read more

Shocking! For this reason, Kuno Becker dresses as a woman

MEXICO.- The Mexican actor and director Kuno Becker He offered statements about his transformation into a woman for his new film, Ámina. It will premiere in the next few days at the 35th edition of the Guadalajara Film Festival, which will be held from November 20 to 27. Becker, internationally famous for producing and starring … Read more

Shocking! Arsenal star Aubameyang and Gabon team were forced to sleep on the airport floor, check why

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyand and his Gabonese teammates had to spend a night on the airport tarmac before their game against The Gambia in the qualifying round of the African Cup of Nations. The Arsenal forward took to social media to highlight his team’s plight upon arriving at Banjul airport on Sunday. But why did they sleep … Read more

Shadowlands star in their shocking new cinematic

The players of World of Warcraft They have already begun to see the impact of Sylvanas’s actions with the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands pre-patch that was released last week. In spite of everything, when the really important thing will begin will be next week with the launch of this long-awaited expansion. Blizzard wanted to feed … Read more

“Diana would be alive if she hadn’t given up the royal escort.” The shocking words of her friend Tina Brown

Diana of Wales she would be alive if she hadn’t given up her royal escort after thinking that the personnel protecting her were actually spying on her. It is what Tina Brown, good friend of Princess Diana and former director of Vanity Fair USA, has told the British newspaper The Express After the BBC has … Read more

Trump’s shocking abdication to lead as pandemic worsens (Analysis)

Is Trump looking to leave the White House as a victim? 2:28 (CNN) — President Donald Trump had predicted at almost every campaign rally that the media would stop talking about the coronavirus pandemic the day after the election. But it turns out that no one is ignoring the worsening tragedy more than the president … Read more

Dropping everything! Prince Harry reveals shocking things about Britain’s military community

The Prince harry He paid tribute to Britain’s fallen troops from his home in Montecito, Santa Barbara. The 36-year-old Duke of Sussex revealed on the ‘Decclassified’ podcast, released on Saturday, what was on his mind when he attended the British Memorial to the Fallen Troops, the Cenotafio de Westminster in London. This year, he will … Read more

The shocking testimonies of Hollywood stars and music who claim to have “returned from the dead” and changed their lives

Elizabeth Taylor, Eminem and 50 cent are some of those who saw death face to face but had another chance The mystery of death induces fear towards that final port where we will all arrive and from which no one has precise data. However, there are those who say they have looked at its dock … Read more

The storm and hail left a shocking balance in Salta and other towns

SALTA (Critical Voices Writing) A burst of hail and storm in Salta It caused the flooding of main streets, to the point of completely covering the bike path. Although the actual damage that this storm may have caused is still unknown, it is estimated that uOne of the worst hit areas is Capital, as well … Read more