Economic recession and food shortage in Pakistan – Kairali News

Economic recession and food shortage in Pakistan. Due to the crisis, the government has decided to cut the salaries of government employees. Meanwhile, protests against the government are also getting stronger in the country. Pakistan is facing a severe financial crisis. The move is to reduce the expenditure of ministries and divisions by 15 per … Read more

Cry for help about medicine shortage: ‘Leads to harrowing situations’ | News

‘Minister must now really take control’ Amsterdam – Pharmacists, general practitioners, medical specialists and patient associations are seriously concerned about the increasing shortage of medicines. They write this in a letter to Minister Kuipers of Health. “The shortages sometimes lead to harrowing situations. We have been warning about this for a long time, the minister … Read more

The EU needs to address the shortage of antibiotics

Since October, there has been a shortage of antibiotics in Europe, including amoxicillin, which is used to treat ear and chest infections in children. European patient and Consumer groups have written to the European Medicines Agency, EMA, urging the Union’s medicines regulator to do more to tackle antibiotic shortages, it reports Reuterswho reviewed the letter. … Read more

“Chip shortage will last at least 1 year”: why the global shortage of microchips is so difficult to solve

“For fear of supply problems from China, many companies have started placing large orders. But when almost the entire world went into lockdown a few weeks later, the demand for products came to a standstill and those companies naturally remained with their stocks. Throughout 2020, the companies tried to get rid of their excess stocks, … Read more

Drug alarm, the shortage is starting to make itself felt even in Trentino – Chronicle

TRENTO. “In fact, there are shortcomings, and even heavy ones, but we try to make up for as best we can”. Peter Morelliowner of the homonymous pharmacy in Baselga di Pinè and president of Fedefarma of Trentino thus comments on the shortage of drugs that pharmacies and consumers have to face. A shortage that is … Read more

Major drug shortage threatens: ‘Continuous stress and anxiety in patients’

“In time, the consequences will probably be felt,” continues board member Jan Dietert Brugma. “Patients then run out of medication.” InnoGenerics annually produced around 600 million medicines for the Dutch market, including medicines against epilepsy, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, antidepressants, antipsychotics, antibiotics, painkillers and blood thinners. These are so-called ‘generic’ medicines, a kind of copy of … Read more

“Our patience has run out”: pressure on education minister Weyts (N-VA) to tackle teacher shortage is increasing

© BELGIUM Both CD&V and Open VLD ask that Ben Weyts (N-VA) urgently step up the fight against the teacher shortage. “We are losing precious time,” both coalition partners say. But Weyts himself is not rushed, he sticks to his “step by step” approach. Pieter Lesaffer Saturday, January 14, 2023 at 03:00

Shortage of medicines, Federfarma Rome: «Choose equivalents or galenic products»

Of Maria Rosa Pavia Andrea Cicconetti invites us not to give in to panic if we can’t find the drug of a specific brand and reassures us: “The intermittent arrival of some products could end soon” Increased demand, shortage of raw materials and restricted distribution. These are the reasons why it is difficult to find … Read more

Shortage of children’s vaccines against Covid is Bolsonaro’s ‘inheritance’

Published 07/01/2023 13:00 | Edited 1/7/2023 11:41 AM Photo: José Cruz/Agência Brasil It will still take some time for Brazil to get rid of all the negative legacies left by the government of Jair Bolsonaro (PL). One of them was exposed on Friday (7) by the Secretary of Health Surveillance of the Ministry of Health, … Read more