If you want to lose weight, you shouldn’t even put them in your mouth.

In addition to losing weight, it will be good for you not to consume certain foods and drinks to have a strong immunity and stay away from diseases. Avoid these foods and drinks to keep your overall health strong and look fit. MARGARINE Warnings about margarine have been made more and more for years. Butter … Read more

From this year on, toddlers from the age of 5 are also welcome at summer school: “Shouldn’t consider it a punishment”

©  Shutterstock This big holiday will ring the school bell for preschoolers too. For the first time, they can enroll in a summer school. They were founded by the Flemish government against the corona learning disadvantage, but in the meantime they have become a keeper. “Preschoolers also benefit from summer schools, as long as there … Read more

Games Showcase Weekend: Insider tips that you shouldn’t have missed in the hustle and bustle – Best of Games

In the last few days there have been around 150 new games announcements. Of course, the big names were in the limelight, such as the sci-fi role-playing game “Starfield” or the announcement of the necromancer for “Diablo 4”. If you don’t want to click through all the presentations from the various manufacturers, you will find … Read more

Numerological mismatch. Which numbers on the Way of Life shouldn’t be together?

You already know your and your partner’s zodiac sign, but have you checked your Life Path numbers? Numerological mismatches are another thing you can encounter obstacles in your relationship through. Here’s what affiliate numerology has to say about your future. Numerology works on similar principles to astrology. Only instead of the signs of the zodiac, … Read more

Mikolayiv holds his ground: ‘We shouldn’t give them a square centimeter of land’ | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf War in Ukraine Ukrainian ‘battle spirit’ against impending occupation of Russia Mikolajiv – The fierce fighting in Ukraine shows a mixed picture, but the devastation is the same everywhere. The heaviest fighting is being fought in the eastern Donbas and the strategic city of Severodonetsk seems to have fallen … Read more

Slavia? I would have handled the situation differently now, I shouldn’t have gone to Eden, says the fresh representative

Do you feel that the time has come to move up your career? I definitely want to move on. People around me and people at the club know it. It is just a question of whether such an offer will come so that I can leave Hradec. Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo From left: Adam Vlkanova … Read more

Pancreatic cancer the 4 signs on your legs that you shouldn’t underestimate

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most aggressive, with a very low survival rate. But what are the 4 symptoms on the legs to pay attention to and not to be underestimated? ©Andreypopov/123rf Cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the body grow uncontrollably and spread to other organs. As the cancer grows … Read more

Why we shouldn’t expect another pandemic: monkeypox versus coronavirus

Despite great alertness and contact follow-up, we were unable to monitor the coronavirus with difficulty. After all, the virus is fairly “invisible”: not everyone who carries the virus shows symptoms, but everyone who has it can transmit it. In addition, you often cannot distinguish symptoms of COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2), especially with the latter variants, from the … Read more