The Miami public shouts Patria y Vida in Melendi concert and the singer joins

The almost 5,000 spectators who this Saturday filled the concert hall of the James L. Knight Center in Miami to see the concert of the Spanish singer Melendi they yelled Homeland and Life in a moment of the show in which the artist evoked his special relationship with Cuba. “I don’t know how to thank … Read more

Mahfud MD Funny Story at Peparnas XVI Papua, Audience Shouts Anies…Ganjar…Anies…Ganjar

loading… JAKARTA – Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs (Menko Polhukam) Mahfud MD shared a funny experience while attending the XVI Papua 2021 National Paralympic Week (Peparnas). The funny story was shared by Mahfud MD through his official Twitter account @mohmahfudmd. In his tweet, Mahfud MD recounted when he witnessed the gold medal … Read more

The plane in which AMLO was traveling is ‘divided’, between shouts of support and boos upon his return from the UN

“Bravo AMLO”, “fuera AMLO”, were the cries of support and rejection of the Mexican president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which were heard inside the plane in which he returned from New York on Tuesday night, after presiding over the UN Security Council. It may interest you: AMLO proposes to collect 4% of his income from … Read more

More Real Nuclear Threat ‘Pulling’ RI, Malaysia Shouts Again

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Malaysia speak loudly about the defense facts of Australia, Britain and the United States (US) aka AUKUS. Previously this fact allowed the US to help Australia have nuclear weapons in the region to respond to China’s growing power, especially in the South China Sea (SCS). Neighboring countries expect consensus among ASEAN … Read more

Over 40,000 people came to Mata’s concert in Warsaw. people. There were shouts about Jacek Kurski

Watch the video Molesta Ewenement and “Skandal” – trailer of a documentary about Polish hip-hop line-up On Saturday, October 2, Mata’s concert took place at the Bemowo Airport in Babice. “The biggest solo concert in history Polish hop hop “- as the label itself wrote about it. The event took place the day after the … Read more

Bojan Malisic shouts again after Persib failed to win

REPUBLIC OF BOBOTOH – After the unsatisfactory results achieved by Persib Bandung in the fifth week of Liga 1 2021, former player Bojan Malisic uploaded an article in his instastory allegedly related to Maung Bandung’s draw against Persikabo. Bojan posted this sentence on Tuesday, September 28, 2021, or one day after the Persikabo vs Persib … Read more

Horror! RI ‘Surrounded’ by Nuclear Weapons, Malaysia Shouts

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The formation of the AUKUS pact, which is a new defense alliance between the United States (US), Britain and Australia, has made Southeast Asian countries worried. This, is considered to be able to catalyze a nuclear arms race in the Indo-Pacific region. This is also felt by Indonesia and Malaysia. The … Read more

Liga 1 2021/22 – Irfan Bachdim’s ghost goal, Persiraja goalkeeper shouts ‘VAR’ in front of the camera – All Pages Persiraja goalkeeper, Fakhrurrazi Quba, protesting the referee’s decision in the match against PSS Sleman (11/9/2021). BOLANAS.COM – Goalkeeper Persiraja protest the decision referee confirm the goal Irfan Bachdim by offending the word “WHERE” in front of the camera. Second week League 1 2021/22 leaves controversy referee which seems to make decisions based on WHERE. … Read more

Shouts warning: – – Tired of watching people die

The arrows are pointing in the wrong direction in the United States, where more and more states are reporting sky-high infection rates, full hospitals and many corona-related deaths. In the past week, the number of covid deaths has increased by more than 50 percent in 14 states, while another 28 states registered an increase of … Read more

Look how the announcer shouts

CL-215 type fire extinguisher aircraft belonging to the Turkish Aeronautical Association (THK) performed a demonstration flight at the Istanbul Aviation, Space and Technology Festival (Teknofest) held at Atatürk Airport in September 2019. The fire-fighting aircraft, which took off from Atatürk Airport and took 5.5 tons of water from the sea and discharged the water to … Read more