Innovative design of oriental charm (tell the Chinese story well)

Visual artist Ye Jintian designs the award-winning uniforms of the Chinese sports delegation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Innovative design of oriental charm (tell the Chinese story well) Ye Jintian and his design of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Chinese sports delegation’s award clothing. Photo courtesy of Ye Jintian Studio Core reading At the 2020 Tokyo … Read more

Video – The famous anchor shows off her football skills in the studio

Barbara Coelho, the famous Brazilian program presenter, shared, with her followers on Instagram, a video clip filmed in the studio, showing off her football skills with a co-worker, taking advantage of an advertising break, and accompanied it with the phrase, “I miss that day when I almost broke the studio.”She also published another video showing … Read more

Magaly Medina: who is Gianmarco Mendoza son who marks his distance from the ‘magpie’ away from TV: Are they fighting? Magaly TV La Firme Aída Martínez farándula | SHOWS

ARREMETEN AGAINST URRACA. In the last days, Aída Martínez declared ‘war’ on Magaly Medina when talking about an intimate issue such as the relationship between the driver and her son Gianmarco Mendoza. The influencer lashed out by making it clear that the entertainment journalist and her only son would not have a good bond, however, … Read more

“It went straight from RCN to Caracol,” they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a program

“It came straight from RCN a snail“. That’s what they tell Marbelle after seeing her on a show. The Colombian singer is one of the most talked about in the country. Many love her, others not so much, but the truth is that she is always giving something to talk about. During this year the … Read more

He has a showy body and won’t last 5 seconds in the ring

Popular Irish wrestler Sheamus and a Liverpool fan believes Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo would be “too weak” for professional wrestling. “Is Ronaldo one of the greatest players of all time? Certainly not,” Sheamus said. “But he is definitely a world-class player and one of the best players of the last decade. He added, “Even … Read more

Claudia Bahamón on MasterChef participant

“I didn’t have faith in him.” Those were the words of Claudia Bahamón when speaking of a participant of MasterChef. The reality of RCN It is one of the most watched productions on weekends. Viewers are always commenting on the episodes, but also, they are watching celebrities through social networks and other television programs. It … Read more

Luis de Alba “El Pirrurris”: Hospital denies having charged more than 300 thousand pesos for medical bills

The Monterrey hospital where Luis de Alba “The Pirrurris” was operated, denied that the medical bill for the comedian’s surgery and prosthesis amounted to more than 300 thousand pesos, as the family had previously reported and, for which, he asked for help. Luis de Alba suffered a tear in his femur on September 22, according … Read more

Meeting of Bad Bunny and Paquita la del Barrio gave for memes

From the red carpet to social media. Photo of the meeting of Bad Bunny and Paquita la del Barrio gave for all kinds of memes. On the night of this Thursday, September 23, the awards ceremony was held Latin Billboard of the music. And among the rain of stars that took place on the red … Read more

The National Games shows great culture on top of the competition-Chinanews

The National Games show off the big culture on top of the competition The track and field competition of the 14th National Games kicked off on September 20. In accordance with convention, as the flagship event of the National Games system, track and field are held in the most “core” Xi’an Olympic Sports Center Stadium. … Read more

Liss Pereira ‘pulled out the thorn’ for Carla’s performance

The reality show again showed their differences. MasterChef: Liss Pereira ‘pulled out the thorn’ commenting on Carla Giraldo’s low performance. Without a doubt, the two celebrities are not friends, and maybe they will not be while they are on the RCN reality show. At most recent chapter of MasterChef, the talents had to carry out … Read more