Norwegian consul shown the door after throwing a tantrum

“After what happened, the presence of Elisabeth Ellingsen in Russia is no longer possible,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. Earlier on Thursday, the ministry summoned Norwegian ambassador Rune Resaland and protested against E. Ellingsen’s “insulting Russophobic remarks”. In a video posted Saturday on a Telegram channel linked to Russian security services, a woman … Read more

The introduction of the euro in Croatia. The Konzum supermarket chain has shown what the prices will be

Croatian holidays will be different next year. Especially when it comes to paying. Kunas in the wallet will replace euros. And the largest chain of Croatian supermarkets has already started preparing its customers for this. Therefore, double prices appeared on the shelves. Anyone who has ever been on vacation in Croatia and went shopping in … Read more

Criticism about the Turkish series (Section Other) before it was shown on Netflix

The popular Turkish series (Zat Another) faced criticism from Turkish critics before it was shown on the global platform, Netflix, due to the performance of young actress Tuba Buyukustun. Criticism of Tuce Madyanty, one of the most famous Turkish critics, caused the series to top Google search engines, after describing the series as weak and … Read more

Vaxzevria was shown to provide equally effective protection against Covid-19 as mRNA vaccines

An expert data analysis based on 79 real-world evidence (RWE) studies showed that AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine, Vaxzevria (ChAdOx1-S [recombinante]) and available mRNA COVID-19 vaccines provide equally effective protection against COVID-19 hospitalization and death after two doses.1 Infectious disease experts from across Asia reviewed data from the VIEW-hub database on the use and impact of vaccines, … Read more

Slavia’s form was not shown in the duel against Sok from Gibraltar, but it brought knowledge to Trpišovský

He still gained some knowledge. “Perhaps about the mood of individual players. You can see who is handling the situation at the moment, you still have to convert chances like Ewerton, hit the goal or give the ball behind the defense. A lot of things were spoiled,” observed the head of the red and white … Read more

The different types of dinosaurs are shown in a new gameplay trailer for Exoprimal

Both the dinosaurs and the soldiers will enjoy different special attacks. Exoprimalthat frantic action title against huge hordes of dinosaurshas been seen in a new gameplay showing more images and some gameplay excerpts. Some types of dinosaurs that we will have to face have also been shown. The aggressiveness of dinosaurs such as the Velociraptorthe … Read more

Camila Cabello is shown without makeup or filters on TikTok

Despite the filters and appearance that prevail on social networks, some ‘celebrities’ have decided to show themselves at specific times as they are. It has recently been Chiara Ferragni who has published a video without filters like Kourtney Kardashian y Addison Rae showing off her acne-prone skin. Now it was the turn of Camila Hair … Read more

Angie Jibaja is shown reading the bible after removing tattoos: “This book should not depart from your mouth” Farándula | SHOWS

Angie Jibaja He reappeared on his social networks by publishing a photograph in which he appears with the bible after announcing that he removed his tattoos to ‘clean your soul inside and out’. MORE INFORMATION: Angie Jibaja removes her tattoos: “Cleaning inside and out” In the publication, Angie Jibaja appears smiling and accompanies her photo … Read more

New research has shown how the new omikron variant manifests itself in vaccinees: it has identified the 2 most common symptoms

At the beginning of June, 43 percent was recorded in the United Kingdom. seeking infections coronavirus jump It is thought to have been caused by the gatherings of people for the platinum jubilee of the Queen’s reign, which took place over four days. A month after the festivities, the numbers are still high, and those … Read more