Cameras That Didn’t See, Spies, and Cars: The Unsolved Mysteries of the Night Diana Died | TV and Show

This Monday marks the 23rd anniversary of the death of Princess Diana of Wales, who lost his life after suffering a traffic accident on the Pont du Alma in Paris while escaping from the paparazzi who were chasing her as usual. If in those years it was the woman most famous on the planet, her … Read more

Daughter of Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry is born | TV and Show

On Wednesday night, Unicef ​​announced the birth of British actor Orlando Bloom’s daughter with singer Katy Perry, whom they named Daisy Dove. Within minutes, the artist shared the same information on his official Instagram account. “We are floating in love and in wonder for the arrival of our daughter ”, indicated the couple. However, both … Read more

Kel claims that Nano threatened to kill Raquel mom by YouTube video: “She has 6 hours or I’ll kill her” | TV and Show

Within the framework of Calderón Argandoña case, for which Hernán Jr. is formalized for frustrated parricide against his father, a passage until now unknown in Kel’s statement before the PDI added a new chapter to this story. It all dates back to 2019, when the panelist explored Youtube with a channel where he showed his … Read more

The CW develops live-action of The Powerpuff Girls | TV and Show

TV and Show Tuesday 25 August 2020 | 00:17 The CW develops live-action of The Powerpuff Girls The Powerpuff Girls could return to television, but like twenty-somethings disappointed at having lost their childhood fighting crime and at a crossroads: to go back or not to fight evil. According to Variety, chain The CW is developing … Read more

They reveal a photo of Nano Calderón handcuffed and detail the conditions of his confinement | TV and Show

TV and Show Wednesday 19 August 2020 | 17:26 They reveal a photo of Nano Calderón handcuffed and detail conditions of his confinement by Emilio Lara With information from Daniela Forero-Ortiz Ceded to BioBioChile visits This Wednesday afternoon, Radio Bío Bío sources revealed a photograph of Hernán Calderón Argandoña handcuffed inside the El Cedro psychiatric … Read more

“I pass them through the …”: Nacho Román distributes insults on Instagram live during barbecue at home | TV and Show

“With much respect to all my loved ones, to all my friends, I love you very much. And the toads will always be … aweonaos “ (sic). The above is the beginning of an ignition live of Instagram held on Saturday night by the chef Ignacio Román, in what appeared to be a barbecue or … Read more

Lorenzo Soria, president of the Golden Globes, dies at 68 | Arts and culture

Lorenzo Soria | Hollywood Foreign Press Association visits Lorenzo Soria, the president of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which awards the Golden Globes; died at 68 in Los Angeles California. According to HPFA, Soria fought for years a lung cancer and his death was registered on Friday, according to his family reported on Saturday. … Read more

Charlize Theron shares video of her shaving for Mad Max | TV and Show

{{ post.post_image.alt }} visits News in Development We are gathering more background on this news, stay tuned for updates. Spoiler alert This article may contain key information about the plot of a book, series, or movie. Explicit Image Warning Watch out! The images in this article may hurt the sensitivity of some people. This article … Read more

Fans can already see the last appearance on TV of Naya Rivera as a jury in Netflix’s Sugar Rush | TV and Show

This Friday, the cooking program Sugar Rush de Netflix premiered its third season, titled “Extra Sweet”. In this cycle, the late actress and singer Naya rivera made his last television appearance as a guest member of the jury. The above occurred specifically in the second chapter which is called “kitchen with flight”. In the episode, … Read more

Begoña Basauri announces that she leaves Mucho Gusto in a new black day for Mega workers | TV and Show

On Thursday night, the actress Begoña Basauri announced that she will stop being a morning panelist Pleasure. His departure was known during a new black day for Megamedia workers, since today the company fired 30 people. Through Instagram, the interpreter commented that he leaves happy and grateful to the people she met and worked with. … Read more