Netlfix is ​​testing a shuffle button – CNN

The 5 best Netflix movies of August 1:14 (CNN Business) — Have you ever found yourself eternally browsing Netflix trying to find something to see? You are not alone and the company may have found a solution. Netflix confirmed that you are testing a button shuffle, which will allow viewers to have the service randomly … Read more

Netflix is ​​testing shuffle function for films and series in TV apps – Image and sound – News

Netflix is ​​testing a shuffle function for its TV apps. Allows users to start any movie or series directly from the user selection screen. Movie selection is based on users’ preferences. The test is currently only carried out on TV devices such as set-top boxes, the company reports to TechCrunch, which the test noticed first. … Read more

Netflix adds shuffle feature

The “Shuffle” function is currently being tested on Netflix. Faced with the abundance of programs, it is not always easy to make a choice. That’s why the world’s most popular streaming platform is testing a new feature designed to help users choose a movie or series. This functionality takes the form of a “Shuffle Play” … Read more