Phil Spencer talks about how he saved Xbox from shutting down after Don Matrick’s departure

As well as the launch of Xbox Series  X|S It was the best ever for the brand, the Xbox One launch was the worst. It was so terrible that even though the Xbox 360 generation was very good for the brand, Microsoft considered closing its video game division. It was a difficult time, with the … Read more

Slovakia will test the entire population for covid-19: “There are other ways of doing things without shutting down the economy and leaving millions without jobs”

A woman is tested for coronavirus in Trencin, Slovakia (REUTERS / Radovan Stoklasa)Slovakia began testing its entire population over 10 for covid on Saturday, a measure with which this member country of the European Union (EU) of 5.45 million inhabitants aims to defend itself against the coronavirus and prevent the collapse of hospitals and, above … Read more

Galapagos Islands: Ecuador accuses Chinese fishing fleet of shutting down tracking systems

The too Ecuador belonging to the Galapagos Islands are home to numerous animal species that are only found there. In 1978, Unesco declared the islands a World Heritage Site a thousand kilometers off the coast. However, according to the Ecuadorian government, hundreds of ships from a predominantly Chinese fishing fleet are sailing in the waters … Read more