The Women and Health Bulletin … What is Shwikar disease that caused her death? … and the strangest methods of removing facial hair

During the past few hours, Sada Al-Balad has published a number of important news in the fields of health and women. Know the most prominent headlines: it is known that Playing sports Among the healthy habits are people’s health, starting with maintaining fitness, accelerating weight loss, maintaining strong immune health, and doctors around the world … Read more

Learn about Shwikar disease that caused her death

The artist left our world Shwikar A few hours ago, after her gallbladder burst, which she suffered for a short time. rupture Gallbladder A medical condition where the gallbladder wall leaks or bursts. Lacerations are usually caused by inflammation of the gallbladder, and this inflammation can be caused by gallstones. The infection can also cause … Read more