“Crab Blackhead” recounts the minutes of losing his lover “Nooksi Anpat”, standing in front of the ICU for 2 hours, past 50 days, not a day goes by that I don’t miss you

Thailand’s leading singer “Poo Blackhead”, who today will open her heart for the first time after the loss of her girlfriend “Nooksy Anpat” who has been in a relationship for more than 5 years with cancer. Ready to tell the second part of saying goodbye without saying goodbye and reveals what remains in mind to … Read more

Sad to the max! “Send You Away” new song COCKTAIL with content that talks about love and sacrifice for those we love.

“More than standing by her side forever Is to be willing to lose you forever” is the sentence that summarizes the story of this song most clearly. Send you away” – COCKTAIL Slow, sad song, very painful content. about the story of love and loss for the ones we love Previously released a short film … Read more

“Pei-Panwad” Happy, almost 10 years away from the show. The audience still misses the “Wan Wassana” feedback. Thank you to my husband for supporting me.

Come back to claim the throne of the villain with the role of Khun Eueng in the drama “Wan Wassana” on Channel 31 after being absent from acting as a full-time mother for almost 10 years. Hurry up and invite the legendary villain, Bei-Panwad, to talk about the trend. After splashing the insidiousness until the … Read more

“Kae Chollada” and “Hi-so-Pretty” married registration Celebrate Love Marathon 12 Years

Have a good time “Nice Chollada Night Cloud” with her husband, a young businessman “Prom Sirisan” to register for marriage after a year of marriage, revealing that the date (21 November 64) was chosen because it was the 12th anniversary of meeting after a very talented actress. Chollada Night Cloud Armed with a young nobleman … Read more

This Halloween, are you ready to tremble! AIS PLAY invites you to be terrified with 5 nerve-wracking horror films.

Hello Halloween!! Welcome Halloween with highlights. with an unstoppable splash of horror Let you be terrified with 5 horror movies packed with all the horrors, terrifying until screaming, ready to be served to your home via AIS PLAY. Let’s start with the first story, PAY THE GHOST. Halloween. Ghosts reclaim. The story of Mike Rawford … Read more

Open every corner!! Open your heart!! The impression of 4 young men “POWER PAT” to the fans

no matter what you grab Another important encouragement who contributed to push and support the POWER PAT band, led by Pat-Worayot Boonthongnum (lead vocals), Fa-Pannawit Suwatthananan (guitar), Prem-Warithonth Nawatsiri (bass) and Jeab-Kamonchai Khemthong (drums) have always been standing It can’t be anyone but the fans. who still follow the band POWER PAT, many people have … Read more

“Wu-Terayut” and “Em-Sathida” stick to the edge of the stage of beautiful women through the program “Pop news special, the path to MUT 2021”

The beauty pageant festival is back again! PP TV invites beauty queen fans to stick to the contest stage Miss Universe Thailand 2021 with MCs, duo Wu-Therayut and Em-Sathida, who come together to update the movement on the edge of this year’s Miss Universe Thailand contest through the program “Pop news special, the path to … Read more

“Billkin” released a new song. “Keep It Forever (Once & Forever)” with Live Session for the first time!!

Very warm and impressive for the launch of the latest song by artist Billkin (Bukin Puttipong Assaratanakul) by OPPO with Na Dao Music, revealing a special project in the song Keep forever (Once & Forever ) with Soul-Pop music, comfortable listening in a romantic concept that talks about love, the importance of keeping stories and … Read more

“Tor Thanapob” Sudpluem won the Best Actor Award “Natraj” for the 12th time

Congratulations to the young actor “cont. Thanapob Leeratanakajorn” that won the best actor award. In the award ceremony “The 12th Nataraj” for the year 2020 from the drama Wishing to be reborn near you broadcasted on Channel One 31 By the person who revealed his feelings through personal IG that Even though I don’t have … Read more