A woman activist rips the Koran, an anti-Islamic demonstration ends in chaos in Oslo

OSLO, KOMPAS.com – An anti-Islam group in Oslo, Norway held a protest on Saturday (29/8/2020) which culminated in an activist tearing up page after page of the Holy Quran. Launch Russian Today, The protest event was halted after clashes with opposing protesters, who managed to cross police lines. The demonstration outside the parliament building in … Read more

SIAN, Malmö | Not good enough reason to accept ghetto culture among Muslims

Violence over the burning of the Koran and negative statements about Muhammad are not good enough reasons to understand and accept ghetto culture among Muslims. Fires in Malmö after a Koran burning, violence in Bergen after someone called Muhammad a false prophet and attacked the police in Trondheim because they were to safeguard SIAN’s basic … Read more