SIC Notícias | Fall of hotel wall covering in Évora causes 1 serious and 3 minor injuries

The schist cladding on the wall of the Évora Hotel restaurant fell this morning and caused four injuries, a serious condition. Source of the District Relief Operations Command (CDOS) of Évora told the Lusa agency that the four injured, one serious and three minor, in the occurrence registered at the Évora Hotel, were transported to … Read more

SIC Notícias | The boys from Kassanje. Four of the children have already been located and sent to the hospital

About two hundred children, malnourished and sick, would be confined in a shed, on the outskirts of Luanda, without adult supervision or assistance. The complaint came from the association “Pedacinho do Céu”, in Olhão, which has sent them some food, and which SIC refused to give the location of the children, apparently wanting to maintain … Read more

SIC Notícias | Covid-19 in the USA: 10,000 new cases in Florida per day in July

Florida overtook New York and is now the second US state with the most infections, after California. With a population of 20 million, Florida has more than 420,000 cases and nearly 6,000 deaths. Although infections are increasing like no other state in the United States and more than in all of Europe, the Republican governor … Read more

SIC Notícias | Accident with fire engine makes one dead

A 21-year-old firefighter died this Saturday after the screening for a rescue vehicle, in Sertã, which left four injured, one of them in serious condition. This is the fireman who was missing. From what SIC learned, the authorities were looking for the operator with the help of an INEM helicopter from Viseu. Ministry of Internal … Read more

SIC Notícias | 80 years from now Portugal may have 5 million inhabitants

Portugal could reach 2100 with a population of only about five million, at a time when the world population will also be decreasing, according to a scientific study published today in Lancet magazine. Researchers estimate that the peak of the world population – which in 2017 was 7.64 billion people – will be reached in … Read more