You can now use Dai with low commissions on the sidechain over Bitcoin, RSK

DAI, the most popular stablecoin in the DeFi space, is crossing a new bridge. It is an integration that will allow the transfer of DAI coins from Ethereum to the RSK sidechain, so that they can be used in the ecosystem of decentralized finance secured with the mining power of Bitcoin. IOV Labs, the company … Read more

Tether integrates USDT to Ethereum sidechain to avoid high commissions

In order to avoid the congestion and high commissions that have been registered in Ethereum, Tether integrates the stable cryptocurrency or stablecoin USDT on the OMG Network side chain. The decision was announced by the company Tether Inc. through a publication on his blog. The brief notes that enabling USDT value transfers on the OMG … Read more