Trump suggests naming election conspiracy theorist as special counsel

Washington.— The president of U.S, Donald Trump, consider appointing attorney Sidney Powell as special counsel to investigate allegations of electoral fraud in his desperate attempt to stay in the White House. During a meeting on Friday at the White House, Trump even spoke of handing over the security clearance to Powell, according to two people … Read more

Trump Lawyer Says New Georgia Lawsuits Will Be Filed Soon: “It Will Be Shocking” | Donald Trump | Sidney Powell | Smartmatic

The President’s Attorney Donald TrumpJordan Sekulow said an election challenge to be filed this week contains fresh allegations of wrongdoing. “We have lawsuits that are likely to be filed in Georgia Monday or Tuesday; I can’t go into details, ”he told Newsmax, without providing any examples. “I can’t tell you right now, but what’s to … Read more

Trump Campaign Separates Lawyer From Conspiracy Theories | The World | DW

The Donald Trump campaign announced on Sunday (11/22/2020) that one of the lawyers who most mocked aroused on Thursday is not working on its legal team for referring to conspiracy theories without basis to justify the defeat of the Republican tycoon in the elections of the November 3. “Sidney Powell is practicing on his own. … Read more

Trump’s Attorney Sidney Powell Promises Lawsuit of “Biblical” Proportions in the Next Days | Voting | Donald Trump | voting machines

Trump’s campaign attorney, Sidney Powell, said Saturday that the president’s attorneys will file a lawsuit of “biblical” proportions, alleging that some election officials were involved in a pay-as-you-go scheme with a prominent voting software maker. “We have tons of evidence; it’s a lot, it’s hard to put it all together, “Powell told Newsmax. She did … Read more

Trump adds Sidney Powell to legal team charged with litigating election results

President Donald Trump announced on Saturday night the addition of Sidney Powell to his campaign legal team. Powell rose to prominence when he took over as defense attorney representing former national security adviser Michael Flynn. The president also said that Joseph diGenova, Victoria Toensing and Jenna Ellis have joined the legal team led by their … Read more