Treatment that improves sight loss with age

26/11/2021 – 05:00 Updated: 11/26/2021 – 17:14 A team of scientists University College London (UCL) has found that applying intense long-wave red light to the eye improves vision of people over 40 years of age. His latest trials show that if this treatment is applied in the morning instead of in the afternoon, its effectiveness … Read more

Group “Hands Up!” released NFT on the Binance marketplace :: RBC.Crypto

NFT , Nov 25, 15:45 0 The collection of non-fungible tokens includes the rights to an exclusive unreleased track by Sergei Zhukov and a certificate that allows him to be banned from performing the song “Student” for life. Frontman of the group “Hands Up!” Sergey Zhukov in collaboration with Warner Music Russia music label and … Read more

24.11.21 Technical analysis of BTC / USD – the end of the decline in sight?

Bitcoin (BTC) stopped at $ 56,000, where we have monitored support. That declining inertia has weakened significantly, so many people can already count on us creating a bottom in the market. But I’m not entirely sure, and I would venture to say that another leg down to $ 52,500 would make sense. Among other things, … Read more

“Or at first sight”. The expert of the program criticizes Tomasz for referring to his wife’s weight. “He shouldn’t say that” [PLOTEK EXCLUSIVE]

You can read more about TV programs on In the last episodes of the program “Wedding at first sight“The relationship between Julia and Tomasz is getting worse and worse. The participant apparently lacks empathy and honestly comments on, among other things, the appearance of his wife. Watch the video from “The Wedding at First … Read more

Astrological signs that fall in love at first sight.. Cancer loves himself and Scorpio is a lover

Falling in love is one of the experiences that differ from one person to another. Some may need a long period of dealing with the other party to fall in love with him, and some may feel difficult to assert that what he feels is true love, and some may fall in love at first … Read more

Lee Jung, a surprise marriage confession “With the introduction of my mother-in-law… I fell in love at first sight”

[이데일리 스타in 김현식 기자] Singer Lee Jung announced that she was getting married. Lee Jung-eun appeared on the MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, which was broadcast on the 17th, and said, “I went down to Jeju Island and run a small cafe.” Then, he surprised everyone by confessing, “I met a good person and got … Read more

“Or at first sight”. Paweł wanted to talk to his wife. Mother-in-law has arrived. The conflict escalated

You can read more about TV programs at We are approaching the end of the sixth edition of the show “Wedding at first sight”, which started in September 2021. A lot has changed since the episode in which the couples became married, especially in the relationship of Kasia and Paweł. At first they were … Read more

Beatrice Egli & Florian Silbereisen: “No love at first sight”

Without thinking about it, Beatrice blurted out her relationship status and revealed the secret. Dating rumors“Yesterday a friend sent me an article that I was with Beatrice Egli. ‘The new dream couple!’ Only Beatrice and I don’t know anything about it. That’s the regrettable thing about it, “said pop star Ben Zucker in an interview … Read more

“Or at first sight”. Kasia confessed what bothered her about Paweł. Now she is being criticized. “You have to know”

More news about the participants of the “Wedding at first sight” program can be found on the home page. Sixth edition “Wedding at first sight” is coming to an end. At the end of November, it will become clear how the fate of the couples turned out. Viewers do not predict a successful marriage … Read more

Corneal prosthesis at the Montpellier University Hospital: the patient regained his sight one week after the operation

A success, and a great hope: Julien M., the patient operated on last November 10 at the Montpellier University Hospital, regained sight in his right eye, while his cornea was damaged by a succession of inflammation, caused by herpes . This morning he had perfect vision: 10! A relief after the vagaries that necessitated a … Read more