Disturbing signal from Ukraine. The Russians are preparing to defend a strategic facility

Therefore, the Russian army is to try to encircle Severdonetsk and Lisichansk, focusing on the intersection of the highway connecting both cities with the rest of Ukraine. Thus, American analysts believe that the Russians have abandoned their plans to encircle the Ukrainian units from Donetsk to Izium on a large scale.

The boy who caught the M87 signal in the mountain … 20 years later, the ‘second black hole’ protagonist

EHT’s international joint research team has captured, for the first time ever, a supermassive black hole located in the center of the Milky Way, ‘Sagittarius A’. [사진=천문연] An image of the Sagittarius A black hole observed this time. The black part at the center is the black hole (event horizon) and the shadow containing the … Read more

Agostini: “Altare’s goal in Salerno is a signal, with Inter the support of the fans is fundamental”

A challenge that seems impossible, but that the Cagliari he cannot fail if he wants to stay hooked to the salvation train. On Sunday evening Inter arrive at the Domus in full scudetto race, but will find the rossoblù equally fierce. Two teams that play a lot. “I’m seeing a different group on a psychological … Read more

The new version of PS5 may be launched, netizens say that it has obtained Japan’s wireless signal certification – Hong Kong unwire.hk

Last year, it was rumored that Sony would produce a PS5 console using TSMC’s 6nm process in 2022, but recently it has been reported that the new version of the PS5 has obtained Japan’s wireless signal certification. Twitter user @Renka_schedule has released the certification documents related to the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications … Read more

NATO needs to strengthen capabilities in the Baltics to signal “deadly serious” readiness to defend itself / Day

The Latvian Prime Minister emphasized that NATO, through practical work in the field of defense, should send a message to Moscow and Putin: “Don’t even go this route!”. A strong NATO presence is needed so that Russia does not decide to carry out an attack, so that Russia has no logical basis to attack a … Read more

PSIS Semarang Mega Transfer Signal: After the WTF Death Trident, Here’s the Prediction of the Stars Who Will Join

TRIBUNWOW.COM – PSIS Semarang under the auspices of Junianto and Yoyok Sukawi potentially make the next mega transfer happen. As is known, several names have been confirmed to be a part PSIS Semarang there is Liga 1 2022. latest, Wawan Febrianto became one of the star players labeled the Indonesian national team who was successfully … Read more

Retailers signal products to move 10-20%, urging the state to control energy prices Injecting money to stimulate purchasing power – Post Today Economic-Business News

Retailers signal products to move 10-20%, urging the state to control energy prices injecting money to stimulate purchasing power Date 08 May 2022 time 16:30 The Thai Retailers Association indicates that the April retail index nods its head for the long holiday. Points to the Russian-Ukrainian knot, smashing product costs, aiming to adjust prices, reiterating … Read more

Take note! This is a dangerous signal from the body, a sign that diabetes is already stalking you

TRIBUNJOGJA.COM – There are symptoms that appear when diabetes start attacking the body. These signs are likened to a signal that gives an early warning that you must immediately change your lifestyle and diet. The warning signs of diabetes can be very mild. That’s especially true for type 2 diabetes. Some people don’t know it … Read more

Fatal signal from Ukraine. Satellite images leave no illusions

The war seriously hinders sowing, forces farmers to work in dangerous conditions and sometimes under fire, there are also shortages of fuel. Satellite images taken between 14 and 22 April, analyzed in terms of the so-called the vegetation index, already show differences in the sowing scale – writes AFP, citing the Kayrros report. The war … Read more

Russia simulated a nuclear attack in Kaliningrad. Spiegel saw this as a “signal” – Ukrainian News, World

The Russian army in Kaliningrad worked out a simulated launch of Iskander ballistic missiles at military facilities of a mock enemy. These missiles are capable of carrying nuclear warheads, which “should be taken as a signal,” the editors say. Spiegel. Read us in Telegram: verified facts, only important “Kaliningrad is a Russian enclave on the … Read more