Sigrid Bonde Tusvik’s witch’s brew is good, but should have been a stronger diet.

What happens when you put honest podcasts, jokes and well-meaning chronicles in the same witch’s cauldron? You get the answer in Sigrid Bonde Tusvik’s first solo show «Witch on the Beach». 4. sep. 2020 15:51 Last updated just now It starts like other shows at Latter; with stage smoke, hurray music and a humorist in … Read more

Sigrid Kaag officially elected party leader of D66 | NOW

Minister Sigrid Kaag (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) was officially elected party leader of D66 in the parliamentary elections in 2021 on Friday, the party reports in a press release. Kaag received 95.7 percent of the vote in the elections. “Those who have ideals must be there when it matters. That moment for me is … Read more

Sigrid Alegría in a tailspin against Patricia Maldonado

Sigrid Alegría raised her voice against Patricia Maldonado. The former panelist of “Mucho Gusto”, who has spent days in constant controversy, has not only been criticized for her words against Daniela Vega, but also for a video where she is seen forcefully throwing her pet. It may interest you: Paty Maldonado reaffirms his words to … Read more