Boarding school with a coronavirus, Coco Sily shot those who went to the forefront against judicial reform

Boarding school with a coronavirus, Coco Sily shot attendees at the banner against judicial reform Credit: Courtesy Telefe This saturday afternoon # 1aYoVoy was carried out, a call to demonstrate against the judicial reform bill. The protest, which took place from 4pm in cities across the country, had its highest concentration in the Obelisk. From … Read more

Coco Sily confirmed that she has coronavirus: “I am hospitalized, the result was positive”

On Friday morning it emerged that Coco Sily (58) was hospitalized and had subjected to a swab on suspicion of coronavirus. And, just a few hours later, it was the humorist himself who confirmed that indeed had been infected. Through Twitter, the creator of The chair of the male He shared a short text in … Read more