One of the most important agreements hangs not by chance: Kubilius ’version simply stunned critics

Whether the agreement between the parties found a stalemate was clarified on Wednesday in the “Open Talk” program of the “Knowledge Radio”. Hot tub: agreement needed by ‘peasants’ MEP Kubilius spoke on the significance of the national agreement on foreign policy. “This is an opportunity for parties who may not have so much experience in … Read more

Couple sharing an infertility journey online: “It seemed that pain would simply destroy us”

Ingrid, you create exclusive educational content – you share your infertility story on YouTube. There are not many people talking about this topic in Lithuania so widely. How did you decide to share your personal life in public? As soon as we started our “children’s journey”, I read a lot online and watched a lot … Read more

“The nation was simply torn apart.” Mila Yovovich’s emotional video addresses Ukrainians

Hollywood actress Mila Yovovich, whose roots are to be found in Kiev, has repeatedly publicly supported Ukraine. A few days ago, the celebrity recorded a video address dedicated to Ukrainians, with special emphasis on defenders who have been fighting for national freedom day by day. From the very beginning of the war, Mila has been … Read more

Index – Economy – The Hungarian fuel supply is fundamentally changing, there is simply no going back

What led to the current energy crisis being so pervasive? The current situation is a global issue with many elements, affecting all three main energy sources: electricity, natural gas and liquid hydrocarbon-based energy sources. Before the Russo-Ukrainian war, the resumption after the pandemic had already brought instability to the markets. It was due to this … Read more

Farewell to Don Di Piazza, the memory of the theologian and writer Vito Mancuso: “Pierluigi was rude and delicate, simply Friulian”

Don Pierluigi Di Piazza, photo by De Marco “I also embrace you like this Pierluigi dear friend, your friendship was one of the most beautiful gifts I have had in life, and I will always carry it with me” POZZUOLO. Many messages of condolence for the death of Don Pierluigi di Piazza. Memories that come … Read more

G. Žibėnas, the coach of Rytas, who lost to Šiauliai for the first time in 8 years, did not radiate: “We were simply overwhelmed”

Antanas Sireika’s students won “Rytas” for the first time this season – so far they have suffered five defeats. The soldier of Giedrius Žibėnas definitely won the first meeting of the semifinal series in the capital 97:75. The third match of the series will be played in Vilnius on Wednesday. He won in the LKL … Read more

Restrained on the wall and left without a leader, Grizzlies simply wiped out rivals

The National Basketball Association’s (NBA) playoffs have recorded an extremely difficult-to-explain result. Even the Grizzlies at home in Memphis leaned against the wall 134:95 (38:28, 39:22, 42:17, 15:28) confused the Golden State Warriors of San Francisco. The Grizzles softened the series to four victories 2: 3. The hosts broke up by a double-digit difference in … Read more

Madrid – an impressive triumph for C. Alcarazo: The finalist was simply swept away

Alcaraz rose from 9th to 6th place in the new ATP ranking on Monday. In Madrid, he defeated Spain’s Rafael Nadal in the quarterfinals and smashed World’s first Russian racket, Novak Djokovic, in the semifinals. In the final, Alcaraz just crushed his opponent in the second set when he won 6 games in a row. … Read more

Simply and without complication .. Why was America late in raising interest rates? And who will bear the price of the Federal Reserve’s “reluctance”?

Thank you for reading simply and without complication.. Why was America late in raising interest rates? And who will bear the price of the Federal Reserve’s “reluctance”? Basrawi News Encyclopedia written by Israa Khalil Almost 15 months ago, in February of 2021, former US Treasury Secretary Lawrence Summers warned US monetary policy makers of the … Read more

We could improve gut and brain health by lowering cholesterol and blood sugar simply with this seasonal food

The moves made at the table every day are among those that most affect our health. A healthy and balanced diet, in fact, could help fight common health problems such as high cholesterol and blood sugar. To obtain this result, however, it is not enough just to eliminate fatty or sugary foods from the diet, … Read more