Russia with strong provocation – simulates missile attacks on Estonia

A spokesman for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, Kusti Salm, said den finske tabloiden Iltalehti that Russia has conducted exercises against Estonia. Avisa writes on Tuesday that Russia, according to NATO sources, has simulated several missile attacks against Estonia and other Baltic countries in recent days. – Has committed several border violations In addition to … Read more

China builds an “artificial moon” that simulates low gravity with magnets

It will be officially launched in the coming months, it is a vacuum chamber 60 centimeters in diameter. Chinese scientists have built an “artificial moon” that simulates low-gravity, lunar-like environments to help them prepare astronauts for future exploration missions, reports the South China Morning Post. The artificial moon, which will officially launch in the coming … Read more

Heinz creates ‘alien’ ketchup from tomatoes grown in an environment that simulates conditions on Mars

Published: 9 nov 2021 20:41 GMT The techniques used to grow these tomatoes could be applied to help improve plantings on Earth as the problem of climate change worsens. The American agri-food company Heinz has presented this Monday its first bottle of “premium” ketchup made from tomatoes grown in an environment that recreates the conditions … Read more

Prosecutor claims defendant in the murder at Byåsen simulates psychosis to escape imprisonment – NRK Trøndelag

The accused (34) was long terrified that his mother would kill him. This was a delusion that shows that he where and is psychotic. That is the conclusion from the two new forensic psychiatric experts who have testified in the appeal case in the Frostating Court of Appeal. Conflict with mother over a long period … Read more