Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Next Big Update Will Make the UK Look Amazing

Microsoft Flight Simulator has not stopped fascinating us with the superb recreation it has carried out with countless places around the world. Without going any further this week it has been updated to add more than 60 points of interest in the United States and soon it will do the same with the United Kingdom. … Read more

The realism of the new driving simulators | Present

They are the most popular driving simulators on the market. Between the two they have sold more than 100 million copies and, generation after generation, refine their realism, both in graphic quality and in handling sensations. Now they announce their latest installments. Great tourism is associated with the console Playstation, from Sony, while Forza Motorsport … Read more

With a 3D printer, the controller of the PS4 or Xbox becomes a dual joystick for flight simulators for 2 euros

Play to ‘Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020‘it’s a delight, but do it with specific controls for this type of video game it is even better.

A basic joystick of this type costs about 160 euros, but if you have a 3D printed or access to one, you can print a unique adapter that transform a PS4 or Xbox One controller into one of these peripherals, and the best thing is that you will only have to invest two euros in material for the printer and a few hours to finish printing everything.

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Best car, F1 or truck racing simulators: PS4, Xbox and PC

Pure simulation car simulators Let’s start by talking about those titles that seek to bring the most realistic experience possible in terms of driving: “pure” simulators. Race trim Assetto Corsa is perhaps one of the best known among racing simulation games. In this case we show you his latest release, Assetto Corsa Competition, but you … Read more