Turning away from PDIP, Mulyadi’s Efforts to Safeguard the Voice of the West Sumatra Pilgub

Padang, CNN Indonesia – The candidate pair for governor and deputy governor of West Sumatra (Boast), Mulyadi-Ali Mukhni decided to return the PDIP recommendation letter inside Concurrent regional elections 2020. They submitted another recommendation letter after the polemic of the statement by the Chairman of the PDIP DPP Puan Maharani about West Sumatra and Pancasila. … Read more

Surabaya Pilkada, Machfud-Mujiaman Bringing Rooster to KPU List

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia – The Candidate Pair for Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Surabaya, Machfud Arifin – Mujiaman Sukirmo, officially registered with the General Election Commission (KPU) as a participant in the 2020 Surabaya City Election. After registering, the volunteers then put on the Sawunggaling Clothes. The clothes were referred to as the royal dress … Read more