Ángela Leiva and Brian Lanzelotta tested positive for Covid-19: “They will be replaced by Rodrigo Tapari and Rocío Quiroz”

Since the coach Natalia Cociuffo test positive for Covid-19, the participants I worked with in Singing 2020 they were isolated. In this way, Lola latorre, Lucas Spadafora, Angela Leiva Y Brian Lanzelotta They were impersonated by other celebrities in the last week, and this Saturday it was confirmed that three of them tested positive. In … Read more

Singing figure with Covid-19 symptoms: “I have a fever and my skin hurts”

This week, two full teams from Singing 2020 They were isolated after their coach’s positive test for coronavirus Natalia Cociuffo. Last Thursday the results of the swabs were known: they all tested negative. But this Saturday Angel of Brito informed how much Lola latorre how Brian Lanzelotta They are with symptoms, for which they had … Read more

Esmeralda Miter denounces a boycott and aims against Horacio Rodrguez Larreta

Esmeralda Miter He was at the center of the controversy yesterday when, due to an alleged error, it was said that he had tested positive for coronavirus, when in fact his swab was negative. A few hours earlier, the Government of the City of Buenos Aires issued a statement explaining what happened. On August 27, … Read more

The moving message of Brian Lanzelotta before the strong defense of Yanina Latorre to her daughter Lola: “I imagine my mother defending me like this”

He Singing 2020 brings out all kinds of emotions. From joy and anger to excitement. The same thing happened to Brian Lanzelotta seeing how Yanina Latorre defended his daughter’s performance Lola next to Lucas Spadafora. It all started when Nacha guevara He criticized the performance to the rhythm of the cumbia: “It is something very … Read more

Moria Casán caught Brian Lanzelotta in Cantando 2020 in a very compromised situation: “He scratched his balls”

The last performance of Brian Lanzelotta and Angela Leiva in Singing 2020 led to an incredible errand in front of Moria Casán to the ex Big Brother… for being “accommodating” its parts in the sentence! “You know what I noticed on Zoom the other day? You were extremely relaxed because you knew you were going … Read more

Agustina Agazzani confirmed her reconciliation with Agustín Bernasconi, but warned her: “I still do not have the title of girlfriend because I am waiting for the romantic request”

What began as a denial about the supposed approach of Tyago Griffo a Agustina Agazzani (rumor that had Laurita Fernandez in Singing 2020), ended in the confirmation of the reconciliation of the model with Agustin Bernasconi. “I’m in a couple”, he remarked, minutes after being presented at the singing contest by Laurita and Angel de … Read more

Nacha Guevara explained why she used the same look all week in Cantando 2020: “I have my reasons”

Last week, Nacha Guevara debuted as a jury of Singing 2020 next to Moria Casán, Pepito Cibrián and Karina the little princess. In the contest, the artist had important crossings with some of the participants such as Lizardo Ponce and Esmeralda Miter But what most caught his followers’ attention is that, unlike his colleagues, he … Read more

De Brito, after the debut of Cantando 2020, revealed the celebrities who said “no” to the contest: from Silvio Soldán to Julieta Nair Calvo

With a week after his driving debut alongside Laurita Fernández of Singing 2020, Angel of Brito He is happy with the repercussions that the contest has been having on his debut in prime time with a reality show. The list of celebrities participating is quite varied, however there are some who gave up the offer. … Read more

Sharp comment by Marcelo Tinelli on Singing 2020: “I don’t like …”

The participants of Singing 2020 They received their list of songs and the songs can be in several languages. This Tuesday, Sofi Morandi and Bruno Coccia debuted with the song “Rolling in the deep” by Adele and this generated a criticism of Pepito Cibrin that the same Marcelo Tinelli I supported from the networks. “Personally, … Read more